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Dem Senator Blames Russians For Illegal Aliens Shouting Down Pelosi at Presser


When all else fails, blame the Russians.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) said Tuesday morning in an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that the Russians are to blame for the screaming illegal aliens surrounding House Minority Nancy Pelosi at a Monday presser.

 As the Gateway Pundit reported Monday, angry illegal aliens stormed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Dream Act presser and got in her face chanting, “Democrats deport!”, “Liar!” and “Yes or No??”

Pelosi was visibly shaking as she tried to reason with the very monsters she created.

The House Minority Leader then said, “It’s clear you don’t want any answers. It’s clear,” as she was rushed out of the event to safety.

CNN’s Camerota played a clip of the protest and asked Shaheen why they were protesting Pelosi.

“Why of all people, is Pelosi getting the backlash from DREAMERS?” asked Camerota.

Shaheen gave a watered down answer full of Democrat talking points claiming DREAMERS are frustrated and they want to go to college and work hard etc.

When pressed again as to why they were screaming at Pelosi despite the fact that she is a huge supporter of DACA, Shaheen blamed the Russians, naturally.

“Who knows who’s stirring up this kind of animosity. What we know about the Russians and their interference in the 2016 elections is that they tried to increase divisions with this country,” Shaheen said.

Shaheen also brought up Charlottesville.

This is what passes for keen logic in the Democrat party. Amazing.

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