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Paul Nehlen Is Already Under Fire From Deep State Globalists for Challenging Paul Ryan


Republican Paul Nehlen is in St. Louis this weekend to attend the Phyllis Schlafly Forum.

 Paul will speak Sunday at a sold-out “Put Americans First Rally” with former White House Strategist Steve Bannon.

Paul Nehlen told The Gateway Pundit the GOP Deep State, Erick Erickson’s The Resurgent, and the Reagan Battalian hacks are already attacking his campaign to unseat Speaker Paul Ryan.

The globalists are already coming after Paul Nehlen.

Paul Nehlen: You know when you run against Speaker Ryan you’re running against the US Chamber of Commerce, you’re running against the Kochs, you’re running against all that big money that doesn’t want to get their face yanked out of the feed trough, the US federal government feed trough… But I’m not going to back down, you know, I’m the son of a US Marine.

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