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Kawaii Kitties! Feline Twins Hugging in Tiny Bed Melt Hearts Across the Internet

Is there anything more adorable than little kittens? What if those are tiny twin kittens in a miniature wooden bed! Get your daily dose of cuteness with the two feline siblings, which have already made thousands of people go “aww”!

Amelie and Canele are two twin kittens born in the end of February in Japan. The little balls of fur love to sleep side by side, and Internet users are totally obsessed with the way the kitties snuggle up.

It seems they can’t sleep without having one another to cuddle in their IKEA miniature bed. Sometimes, the feline brother and sister hug under a duvet, with their heads nestled on a pillow.

In other weirdly adorable videos, the inseparable duo can be seen sleeping in very human-like positions. Judging by the look of pure bliss on their lovely faces, Amelie and Canele were exhausted throughout the busy day of playing with toys and chasing each other.

The cats’ owner, Rie Tamura, who literally can’t stop filming them (much to the amusement of the Internet users), rescued the little twins from a shelter.

The pair of kitties also has an elder brother, Sora. All three of them are quite popular online: their very own Instagram account has more than 84k fans, and it looks like this number will only grow!

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