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Non Citizen Voting – Trudeau Apology Tour

Non-Citizen Voting Reversed in College Park

On Friday night, the City of College Park, Maryland reversed its city council decision that allowed non-citizens of the U.S., including illegal aliens, the right to vote. This was due to council conveniently forgetting that such massive changes to the College Park City Charter require the vote of a supermajority on council as opposed to a simple majority. Ironically, the law that mandated a supermajority to pass changes to the city charter was enacted just this summer while the proposal to allow illegals and other non-citizens to vote, and was passed 4-3, was voted on only a few months later on September 12, 2017.


French Language Police Quebec

French language police take issue with ‘grilled cheese’ in restaurant name

A 1960’s-style sandwich shop in Quebec City is the latest to be at the centre of a complaint made to the province’s language police.

It seems the name, which includes the words “grilled cheese,” contravenes Quebec’s language laws.

Emmagination Cupcakes received a not-so-sweet visit from the OQLF, Monday, September 28, 2015. Montreal West cupcake shop under the OQLF microscope
OQLF – the Office québécois de la langue française You’re not a ‘foodie,’ says OQLF, you’re a ‘cuisinomane’

The Resto La Mama Grilled Cheese Gourmet has been in business in the Limoilou neighbourhood for the past two years without complaint.

Thursday, the owners received a letter from the Office québécois de la langue française with two complaints about English words on their signs.

French language police take issue with ‘grilled cheese’ in restaurant name

Justin Trudeau To Apologize For Historical Persecution Of Gay Canadians

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to make a sweeping apology on the behalf of Canada, its past governments and its citizens to all those who were imprisoned, lost jobs or were otherwise persecuted because of their sexual identities.

The apology will mark the beginning of a series of reforms targeted at eradicating anti-LGBT discrimination in the country.

Apologizing to all those who were convicted of “gross indecency” for homosexual acts prior to 1969, when all such acts were decriminalized.
• Eliminating the discrepancy in age of consent laws, which currently legalize vaginal sex at 16 but anal sex at 18.
• Distributing reparative pay for those LGBT individuals who lost jobs due to discrimination.
• Doing away with laws that criminalize group sex and other activities.
• Implementing laws to protect gay and transgender prisoners in jail.


The Communist Trudeaus

Trudeau Spearheads Fabian Takeover

By far the most serious coup administered against freedom in Canada was the seizure of control of the federal Liberal Party by Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his leftist clique in 1968. Since Trudeau seized the levers of federal power Canada has been politically, constitutionally, and now economically in turmoil and disintegration. Language problems have been exacerbated, regional issues have been aggravated and the feeling of alienation and separation has spread across this country. And, of course, in foreign policy, Trudeau has shifted us onto the side of Castro and close to the Soviet Union. Forget the possibility of ‘revolution’ in our country. In Canada, the revolution was!

Trudeau Spearheads Fabian Takeover

Pierre Elliot Trudeau – The rise of Communism in Canada

Inspired by Karl Marx ‘Management by Crisis’ doctrine Trudeau’s political, constitutional and economical visions, deliberately lunched Canada into crises that shook the federation down on its knees; language problems were exacerbated, regional issues aggravated, the feeling of alienation spread across the land. Under Trudeau’s supervision Canadian foreign policy all of a sudden shifted from the middle of the ground conservative values to siding with left-wing regimes from all four corners of the earth including China’s Mao red square regime. If only Canadians knew then what many readers are about to discover of Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s past and background, no doubt his claim to fame would of been a short lived one.


Canada has one monument to volunteers who fought in the American Civil War — and it’s in progress
The Grays and Blues of Montreal are erecting the monument to the 40,000 Canadian volunteers in the American Civil War — about 4,000 of them fought for the Confederacy


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