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Trudeau Tax Plan – Germany Rise of The Right

Will Trudeau’s reforms really mean 73% tax for small business?

Ask any Conservative politician in Ottawa, and they’ll tell you exactly why proposed changes to Canada’s tax laws are a terrible idea.

The changes discourage small business owners from expanding or investing in their shops, farms and clinics, the Tories contend. They impose an unfair burden on those same hard-working Canadians, taxing them not once, but twice on investment income — to the the tune of almost 73 cents on the dollar.

On top of that, they allegedly target small bakeries, garages and corner stores, not just wealthy doctors and lawyers.

Will Trudeau’s reforms really mean 73% tax for small business?

Justin Trudeau defends tax reforms aimed at small businesses
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau backs controversial changes meant to restrict how small business owners can reduce their tax hit
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending controversial changes meant to restrict how small business owners can reduce their tax hit even as he faces questions about taxes on what he called his “family fortune.”


Candice Bergen

Tory MP Candice Bergen: China denied my travel visa, Liberals were no help

Conservative MP Candice Bergen said the Liberals should have protested when China denied her a visa to travel there with other parliamentarians this summer, instead of leaving her behind.

The Opposition House leader was supposed to be among the MPs and senators from the Canada-China Legislative Association who travelled overseas Aug. 14 to 27. She was hoping to talk to Chinese politicians and government officials about Canadian canola exports and human rights.


How the far-right Alternative for Deutschland became Germany’s third-biggest party
They secured around 13.5 percent of the vote – making them the third-biggest party in the Bundestag.
Founded in 2013 as a eurosceptic party to the right of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), the AfD won regional and European parliamentary seats before lurching even further to the right.

Despite the acceptable face presented by leader Alice Weidel, the party is no stranger to criticism. Its other leader, Alexander Gauland, once expressed pride in what he saw as the achievements of the Nazis during the second World War.

Back in January, Björn Höcke, head of the AfD in Thuringia, railed against Germany’s decade-long tradition of acknowledging the crimes of the National Socialist era, describing the Holocaust memorial in Berlin as a “monument of shame in the heart of the capital”.


Trudeau admires China’s ‘basic dictatorship’

In fact, one of the 100 women who paid $250 to get into the Ladies Night with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau Thursday had a doozy for him. It went like this:
“Which nation, besides Canada, which nation’s administration do you most admire, and why?”
It took Trudeau a minute to consider the question.

But the question at hand, sir, which country’s government does the Liberal Party’s candidate for prime minister in 2015 most admire?
Trudeau’s answer: “You know, there’s a level of of admiration I actually have for China …”


Bill C-24: Trudeau Says Terrorists Shouldn’t Be Stripped Of Citizenship In Leaked Audio

An audio recording of Justin Trudeau explaining why convicted terrorists should not be stripped of their Canadian citizenship has been leaked by Conservatives ahead of a key leaders’ debate on foreign policy.

CTV News reported Sunday that the three-minute clip was recorded at a Winnipeg town hall in July.

In the recording, a man is heard asking the Liberal leader about Bill C-24, a controversial piece of legislation the man deems “absolutely disgusting.”


Canadian PM Trudeau: Overcome Islamic Terrorism With ‘Openness’ And ‘Respect’

In advance of his trip to meet President Barack Obama in America’s capital city, Prime Canadian Minister Justin Trudeau conducted an interview with CBS’s Lara Logan for 60 Minutes which aired on Sunday. Pushing aside substance for the superficial, the interview promoted the Liberal Prime Minister as a paragon of virtue and nobility. Besides reminiscing over nostalgic video of the Trudeau family, the interview touched on several issues, including the Syrian refugee crisis.