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Dem Governor Ignores Hurricane Victims During Visit to Flooded Area

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper didn’t have time to meet with victims of Hurricane Matthew while doing a photo op to tout his efforts to bring relief.

Governor Roy Cooper (D-NC) visited the Hurricane Matthew-ravaged town of Fair Bluff, NC, but wouldn’t meet with people who lost their homes in the disaster.

 A report from WBTV showed the Democrat turning away Fair Bluff residents who tried to speak with him during a hurricane relief photo op in the town.

The relevant segment begins around 4:30 in the video above.

Reporters from WBTV talked to Fair Bluff residents on the streets of the town

“Governor Cooper says he’s going to help us. And our elected officials say, ‘We’re going to help you,’” one man told WBTV, adding that the town feels “forgotten.”

WBTV attended an event that Cooper was holding in the town and pointed out that many residents who tried to speak with the governor were turned away.

“We have been asking for about a week now to do an interview with the governor’s coordinator who’s supposed to be coordinating Hurricane Matthew relief, but they never got back to us,” a WBTV reporter tells the camera before confronting Cooper.

The report then shows images of Cooper shaking hands, as a message appears onscreen:

While Governor Cooper toured the school, our crew ran into a Fair Bluff resident on the street who lost her home in the flood after Hurricane Matthew. She came to the event to speak with Cooper. She was turned away.

Asked about the residents being turned away, Cooper said that he had already met with victims of the hurricane.

“We’ve met with dozens of residents who have been impacted. We’ve been in homes that have been flooded. We want to make sure that we have people on the ground who are talking to them,” he responded.

One resident told WBTV that she had been turned away and was told “it was a closed meeting, that it was only for like, commissioners.”

The WBTV reporter pressed Cooper on the fact that his staff had turned away hurricane victims, and the governor dodged the question, saying he was “not aware of any of that.”

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