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Bilingualism Waste of Money – Fake News Should Lose License

Official bilingualism is absurd, but not because French is too hard to learn

Of course, a consequence of artificially designating our mostly-unilingual country as bilingual for government purposes is an immense employment advantage for those who speak both languages naturally. These people either have both a French- and English-speaking parent, or grew up somewhere like Montreal after Bill 101, where Anglos have had no choice but to learn French.

But as affirming as it might be to chalk this up to a conspiracy of the Laurentian Elite, the whole state bilingualism enterprise didn’t come about to propel the congenitally double-tongued into privileged status. It was rather based on former prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s theory that Quebec nationalism would be quenched if French were given equal status, and if the Québécois were allowed to fully enter Canadian culture and politics on equal terms. Trudeau was dead wrong: implementing this policy did nothing to dissuade sovereigntists from twice trying to achieve independence, once almost successfully. They really don’t care if we speak French or not


HALF of Americans believe news media invents stories about Trump

A Politico/Morning Consult survey found that 47 percent of registered voters believe reporters fabricate stories about President Trump and his administration

Even 20 percent of Democrats believed reporters are faking stories, along with 45 percent of young voters and 42 percent of those with postgraduate degrees

‘It is finally sinking through,’ Trump tweeted, belllowing that ‘46% OF PEOPLE BELIEVE MAJOR NATIONAL NEWS ORGS FABRICATE STORIES ABOUT ME’


Appeals court order blocks enforcement of D.C.’s strict concealed carry law

D.C. officials will not be able to enforce the city’s strict limits on carrying concealed firearms on the streets of the nation’s capital under a court order issued Thursday.

The brief statement from a federal appeals court in Washington is the latest setback for the District’s efforts to restrict the carrying of guns in public places to people who demonstrate a “good reason” to do so.

The District’s top lawyer had asked the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to rehear a challenge to the gun-control law after a panel of three judges ruled against the city in July. But on Thursday, the appeals court declined, without explanation, to revisit the case.

The city’s permitting system had remained in effect while the appeal to the full court was under review — a holding pattern that meant the District still was able to bar most residents from carrying concealed guns.


The Illusion of the “Gun Free Zone”

I have a really hard time with the concept of ‘Gun Free Zones’. It’s not even because I carry, it just simply doesn’t make any sense to me. Criminals, by definition, don’t follow the law. What makes lawmakers believe that they’ll follow this one. Allowing people, law abiding Americans, to carry firearms in these ‘Gun Free Zones’ (that they are already carrying everywhere else), doesn’t sound like a disaster waiting to happen to me. It actually makes perfect sense.

Let’s put this into some honest perspective.

Laws are put in place to deter people from doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. If they break a law, they face fines and/or jail time.

We all understand that, and it makes sense. However, here is where I get lost…

‘Gun Free Zones’ are in place to deter people from shooting other people in those areas. Statistics show us that when a person commits a mass shooting, they usually go into it believing that they will not come out alive. This is a huge issue, because regardless of the laws on the books, they do not apply in this situation. Why do they not apply you ask? Sure, you can argue “Well if he does make it out alive, then justice will be served”. However it still does not change the fact that the shooter went into it as a suicide mission. Their last concern on earth is whether or not they are breaking any laws, and many of them (if not the majority) do not survive.


Disarming Realities: As Gun Sales Soar, Gun Crimes Plummet

A couple of new studies reveal the gun-control hypesters’ worst nightmare…more people are buying firearms, while firearm-related homicides and suicides are steadily diminishing. What crackpots came up with these conclusions? One set of statistics was compiled by the U.S. Department of Justice. The other was reported by the Pew Research Center.

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