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Conservative, Anti-Mass Migration Parties See Surge in Popular Support in Poland, Hungary

Ruling parties in Hungary and Poland are seeing a surge in public backing following their sustained rejection of internationalist bodies’ pro-mass migration policies, signalling citizens prefer governments that stand by conservative values and protect their nations’ borders.

Popularity for the conservative Fidesz party, led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, grew by 4 percentage points to 40 per cent in a single month across the total population, representing the party’s highest support since 2011, reports Hungarian political magazine HVG.

With ‘decided voters’ (committed to casting ballots), the party polls at 61 per cent – figures that bode well for the prime minister ahead of elections in Spring 2018.

The Medián survey also revealed that apart from the strong support for the conservative party, Fidesz is polling in figures nearly four times greater than the second largest party Jobbik.

Fellow Visegrád nation Poland has also recently had a strong showing in opinion polls for its conservative government.

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