on November 14, 2017 in World News

Drag Queens Teach Toddlers Songs About Transgenderism To Prevent Hate Crimes

“They’re performers, larger than life! It is exactly what children want.”

Children as young as two years old in the U.K. are participating in a program where drag queens read children’s stories and sing songs about transgenderism in an effort to erase gender norms and supposedly reduce hate crimes against LGBT folks.

The program, dubbed “Drag Queen Story Time,” entails men in full-drag visiting “schools, libraries, and government-subsidized nurseries to educate and interact with young children through storytelling and song-sharing,” as reported by The Blaze.

There are similar programs here in the U.S., such as “Drag Queen Story Hour,” where men in drag read to children in public libraries, which apparently inspired this particular U.K. deep-dive into transgender indoctrination.

One of the stories the U.K. drag queens read to the impressionable children is about a teddy bear who apparently suffers from gender dysphoria and “realizes” he is a girl and not a boy. Additionally, as noted by The Blaze, one of the songs taught to the children was an adaptation of “The Wheels on the Bus,” which includes the lyrics, “the skirt on the drag queen goes swish, swish, swish.”

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