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Being White at Canada Post

Being White at Canada Post

‘White guilt’ helps Islamists, moderate Muslims say

Two prominent Muslim personalities, both of them immigrants from east Asia, share a deep concern over the state of Canadian freedoms and values – a concern they say eclipses that of homegrown opinion-makers.

In their view, the liberal and left-leaning Canadian intelligentsia is wracked by guilt and contempt for their own intellectual heritage and they do all they can to stand up for radical Islamists whose agendas are more closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood than to Canadian freedoms.

They, on other hand, the “good-looking” Muslims whom the mainstream media generally ignore, stand with John Stuart Mill in upholding individual freedom and traditional values associated with an earlier Canada.

So spoke Tarek Fatah and Salim Mansur at a recent lunchtime lecture at the offices of the Ontario Bar Association, sponsored by the Speakers Action Group and the Canadian Jewish Civil Rights Association, and in interviews with The CJN.

Canada Day Is Now A Day To Inflict White Guilt

Despite only being 4% of the population (and that includes Metis), ‘aboriginal’ interests have been successfully pushed in recent years with the most obvious example being the decision by the Trudeau government to accept in full the TRC narrative on the residential schools. As Lynn Beyek found out recently, to point out that these were not genocidal camps and that many prospered because of their time in such institutions, is not something you can do publicly. We are not only to believe they were a holocaust but that intergenerational suffering is the reason for the violence Amerindians inflict upon each other. And it doesn’t just stop at residential schools or land issues, to in anyway critique or make light of the Amerindian lobby is a huge moral crime in today’s Canada, even leftist Jews like Johnathan Kay are not exempt from attacks for failing to tow the line.

Trudeau says Canada has no ‘core identity’

But a far more controversial idea about Canadian values and identity was recently proposed by our very own prime minister. And the media barely batted an eyelash.

Late last year, Justin Trudeau told the New York Times that Canada is becoming a new kind of country, not defined by our history or European national origins, but by a “pan-cultural heritage”.

“There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” Trudeau said, concluding that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.”

Even the New York Times called the suggestion “radical.”

The truth about Pierre Trudeau and immigration

Pierre Trudeau embraced multiculturalism as the antidote to nationalism and the dominance of Canada’s two dominant solitudes: English and French. He adopted policies, devised programs and financed groups to enable minorities to maintain their own identity and resist social assimilation. And while immigration necessarily begat multiculturalism, it is a myth that Trudeau opened up the country to scores of new Canadians.

Trudeau “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society”

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau brought more than 30,000 refugees to Canada over the last year and half , mostly refugees who fled war torn countries like Syria.

Most of those refugees were Muslims, some reports say 99 percent of refugees that came to Canada were Muslim.

Why didn’t Trudeau bring Christian or Jew refugees to Canada who fled rape, beatings and many more sufferings, Trudeau seems to hate Christians, he says: “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society” WATCH BELOW.

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