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The Bolshevized States of America

By Al Lentes

The Bolshevized States of America
”The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history”– George Orwell

Take a look around at the landscape of America today. Does it resemble anything even remotely close to what you were brought up believing it to be? I remember being a kid in school and learning about our constitutional republic and the western values that made this nation great. Sadly, these ‘antiquated’ ideas seem to have been consigned to the scrap heap of history and in their place has sprung up from the once fertile soil a spiritual wasteland complete with a new carnival-like ‘culture’ predicated around consumerism, atheism, and low brow, undignified and brutish ‘entertainment.’ All of these factors and more have helped to create generations of traumatized adolescents who have divorced themselves entirely from the idea of decency.

In so many ways we have become a wayward country who has lost its identity and has little idea of where it is going or where it has come from. This unfortunate state of cluelessness did not happen by accident. It has been carefully managed and directed over a number of years by a predator force which has usurped the reins of our once free nation and is guiding us systematically towards our imminent dissolution. The methods that have been employed against us are largely imperceptible to the common citizens who pay little attention to such ‘dull’ things as the world in which they live but choose rather to engage themselves entirely in the smorgasbord of mind-numbing trifles which are furnished for them by civilized societies greatest foe’s, and which result in their own mental enslavements.

The primary directives of this interloping force are the weakening of our social institutions, moral scruples, and national character – as well as the eradication of our history. On November 5, 1919, Lord Churchill, a British statesmen, spoke to the House of Commons. He told them of how it was that communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin succeeded in reducing once mighty Russia to the state of destitution and disarray that it had fallen: ”He applied himself with devilish skill, to break down all the basic institutions of the Russian state. Russia was brought down. Russia had to be crushed.” This program of destroying from within, all the ‘basic institutions’ is exactly what we are seeing in America today with the erosion of our societal bonds which once held us strong.


The one-time national religion of Christianity has been under attack in this country for a long time now. It is constantly maligned and represented in its lowest form, not least of all by the depraved sorcerers of iniquitous Hollywood. The ’emptying out of churches’ has long been a goal of the social Marxists for no other reason than to destroy continuity between the people and a sense of spiritual self. Here we see the age-old divide and rule stratagem in devastating effect. The average contemporary person doesn’t seem to appreciate the important role that Christianity once played in providing social cohesion and in guiding our small communities. The smoldering hole which has been left in place of Sunday worship and rest has been mostly filled by football, a glorified blood sport and favorite past time of gamblers, which has essentially become a P.R arm of the U.S military. Many Sundays are now spent by young and old alike, in a state of drunkenness, yelling and swearing at a television which incessantly hawks pharmacological remedies for erectile dysfunction, explosive diarrhea, and just about any other malady, fictitious or otherwise, that can garner a buck for the criminal elite.

It is understandable that people could lose faith in the idea of organized religion. The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by men of such disrepute for so long that it is impossible to align with such a grotesque operation which is more concerned with social transmutation and self-enrichment than it is with spiritual development. This infiltration was part of the long term design to weaken our social cohesion by forcing us to lose faith in our institutions of spiritual worship. We mustn’t let this kill our faith in moral goodness however. Those who are oppressing us wish to demote civilization to the level of a bestial species devoid of the concepts of divinity. Once the idea of God is taken out from the hearts of the people, we begin to see the wide-ranging and destructive effects of absolute atheism, the origin of savagery.

To fight against the demonic forces which are acting upon us all, especially our children, we need our small communities to once again get together with one another, organize, and form a healthy base of neighborly love and mutual respect. It is vital to the spiritual health of our nation that children understand the value of morals and ethics from an early age. Christianity, in its truest form, is a great medium through which to articulate simple yet extremely necessary moral truths to our younger generations – albeit not the only one.



In recent years the role of the family unit in raising our nation’s children, and as a hub of the community, has taken a backseat to the ever-encroaching role of state-operated public schools. Many kids now begin school, in one form or another, as early as a few months old, and spend more time being brought up in this system than they are being brought up by their own parents. The result of this is for the child to have a stronger connection with their teachers and administrators (the state) than they do with their mother or father. This is being done by design. The goal is to have children grow up viewing the state as a parental figure. This mindset will remain in place throughout the rest of their lives in many cases and the effect of this is seen with increased dependency on the state all through adulthood. Many children are enrolled in after school programs and youth groups which diminish still further the time spent with loving members of their family as well as the role played in their lives by the parents and extended family.

The ‘feminist’ movement was a big part of getting women into the work force. This movement was created and stage managed by those who have a vested interest in our social engineering through the destruction of our cherished institutions and ways of life. The outcome has been disastrous for the family structure with children largely being raised by complete strangers who work not out of love, but for profit. It goes without saying that we are much worse off as a society because of this.
It wasn’t too long ago that a family could survive on a single income and the mother would spend her days raising her family. Now, with the price of living being what it is, most women are forced to work, with an added bonus for the criminal elite realized in their ability to double- tax each household.
All of this has led to the elimination of the traditional family structure and the increased enslavement of women under the false banner of liberation. Today a ‘liberated’ American woman is no longer one who raises and nurtures a healthy, happy family, but one who works sometimes two jobs, and has the ‘right’ to eradicate a pregnancy. This is called progress by those who are leading the satanic parade of communist conquest.

Another systematic assault on our families is the almost near elimination of neighborhoods. Many of our small towns have been built up into large suburbs with the price of real-estate going through the roof. This results in fewer and fewer people being able to afford a house in which to raise their family. Because of this, many families are forced to bounce around from apartment to apartment- oftentimes in multiple towns – and are never able to lay down any roots. This feeling of rootlessness contributes to many of the psychological problems which plague our young people as they continue to grow into adulthood.


Al Lentes

Al Lentes is a musician and a full time researcher into the machinations of the globalist cryptocracy, dedicated towards exposing the multitude of ways in which ‘they’ endeavor to plunder the planet of its natural resources and enslave humanity under physical, mental, and spiritual lock and key.


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