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History of Shenanigans By Canadian Prime Ministers

Paul Martin’s former company one of offshore firm’s ‘largest clients,’

The offshore holdings of former prime minister Paul Martin’s family have proliferated in the years since he left public office, documents from the Paradise Papers show.

In fact, Canada Steamship Lines, Martin’s former shipping empire that he left to his sons in 2003, is one of the “largest clients” of the offshore law firm at the heart of the huge leak, according to an email exchange between firm managers in 2015.

The use of tax havens by CSL was well-documented while Martin served as finance minister from 1993-2002 and then as prime minister from 2003-06.


Tax haven controversy deals another body blow to Trudeau’s middle-class brand

The Trudeau government’s politically bruised promise to ensure “tax fairness” for the middle class took another beating Monday amid unfolding revelations about the widespread and perfectly legal practice among ultra-wealthy Canadians of harbouring cash in offshore tax havens.

Included among the 13.4 million leaked documents, dubbed the “Paradise Papers,” were the names of former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien and top party fundraiser Stephen Bronfman — the mere mention of whom gave fresh ammunition for the opposition to accuse Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of leading an ethically challenged government.


Mulroney tried to cover up cash payments he received in hotel rooms: Schreiber

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney attempted to cover up cash paymentsof $300,000 he received from a secret account, Karlheinz Schreiber told CBC’s The Fifth Estate.

According to a letter from an unnamed intermediary of Mulroney’s, which was received Tuesday night by the Globe and Mail, the former prime minister delayed paying taxes because of the “cataclysmic event” that disrupted his lifeon Nov. 2, 1995 — when he learned the RCMP was investigating allegations that he accepted kickbacks from Schreiber for the purchase of a large order of Airbus jets when he was still in office.


Canada’s Liberals look to economy to guide them past ethics scandal

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has been badly shaken by a conflict-of-interest controversy about his finance minister, but the Liberal government’s upcoming fiscal update offers an opportunity to reset the public focus on Canada’s strong economy, political observers say.


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