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Trudeau Liberals are Socialist – Candice Bergen

Rise of Socialism? Liberals seize control in Canada

Trudeau paves the way for future ‘young socialists’

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz implying on social media that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a “young socialist” due to the latter’s warm remarks on the passing of Fidel Castro is both funny and tragic.

Funny because Trudeau’s actually only one year younger than the 45-year-old Cruz. That’s right, our hip young progressive PM isn’t all that young. While he’s kept in shape and is blessed with great hair, Trudeau is middle aged.

It’s tragic though, because it shows being a “young socialist” clearly has more to do with state of mind than actual age.

As a teenager I was far more sympathetic to socialism than I am now. Why do we have poverty, I pondered? Why do some have so much and others so little? Can’t the government just force society to be more fair and equitable?


Trudeau’s ‘admiration’ of China’s brutal ‘dictatorship’ learned on the knees of his father

When Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stated his “admiration” for China’s “dictatorship” last week at a “ladies-night” criticized across the political spectrum for its sexist and patronizing undertones, many thought he was joking or that he uttered a most unfortunate gaffe. But one has only to turn to Trudeau’s father, Pierre, to realize that Justin spoke in earnest, proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China, because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar,” Trudeau stated when asked which nation’s administration he most admired.

Pierre Trudeau had also gave his approbation to the major totalitarian political systems of his day, during his political career as Prime Minister of Canada beginning in 1968.


Trudeau wants to ban guns

Most Canadians back outright ban on guns in cities, poll suggests
According to the poll, conducted by Ekos Research Associates for The Canadian Press, 69% of those surveyed agreed there ‘should be a strict ban on guns in urban areas’

The vast majority of Canadians favours a total ban on guns in urban areas, a new poll suggests.

According to the poll, conducted by Ekos Research Associates for The Canadian Press, 69 per cent of those surveyed agreed with the statement “I think that there should be a strict ban on guns in urban areas.”

Support was highest in Quebec at 76 per cent and lowest in Alberta at 48 per cent.

The federal Liberals are currently at work on legislation to follow through on campaign commitments to tighten up restrictions on guns, though an earlier suggestion a new bill could be introduced before the end of the year now seems unlikely.


Candice Bergen

Former cabinet minister Candice Bergen has been appointed the Conservative Party’s House leader, replacing Andrew Scheer, who recently stepped aside to pursue a leadership bid.

“I look forward to working with [Bergen] as Conservatives are the only party in the House of Commons to act as the taxpayers’ watchdog, holding this Liberal government to account,” interim leader Rona Ambrose said in a statement.

“She brings a wealth of parliamentary experience that will serve us well in the upcoming session of Parliament.”

The Manitoba MP, who most recently served as the party’s natural resources critic, had floated a leadership run of her own, but that now seems unlikely given her new appointment. (Candidates for leadership cannot serve in the party’s shadow cabinet.)


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