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GOP Introduces Tough Law That Would Put Every Liberal Official in Jail

By Steven Beyer

If liberals had their way, American would have no borders and definitely no wall.

However, Indiana Representative Todd Rokita, a Republican (of course), has introduced a bill that would jail law elected officials for not enforcing immigration laws.

Since we know that liberals want a flood of illegal immigrants in this country, doesn’t this put every liberal official as a potential violator? But I digress.

Rokita is calling his bill the SLAP Act — Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians Act — and it will target “Sanctuary Cities” and its officials who harbor and fail to deport illegal immigrants.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Rokita said, “These sanctuary cities need to end. They harbor illegal criminals. And if these politicians don’t obey a valid, constitutionally-upheld federal law, if they’re going to act like criminals themselves, then we ought to lock them up.”

He goes on to say that those who fail to comply would be considered felons as this law would make it a felony for refusing to obey federal orders.

He later continued his campaign on Twitter:

According to this bill, elected officials could face up to five years in prison and up to a $1 million fine for refusing to abide by the federal immigration enforcement laws.

This bill introduction comes just as the jury came to a “non-guilty” verdict in the Kate Steinle case — a case that involved the killing of an innocent woman by the hands of an illegal immigrant.

In light of this verdict, Rokita hits the nail on the head with his new SLAP Act. He couldn’t be more right when he calls lawmakers “criminals” who don’t enforce immigration laws. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the illegal immigrant who killed Steinle, was released from a San Francisco prison just three months before the murder despite a federal request for deportation.

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