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Parents Mobilize to Halt Rule Allowing K-12 Children to ‘Self-Identify’ Gender and Race

Parents and family groups have succeeded in putting a halt to a proposed rule in Delaware that would have allowed children in grades K-12 to self-identify as a gender or race without the consent of their parents.

According to the text of Regulation 225 – referred to as an “anti-discrimination” regulation – Delaware school officials may not wish to trust parents with the information their child wants to identify as the opposite biological sex or a different race, if those parents are not fully on board with their child’s decision:

7.4 All students enrolled in a Delaware public school may self-identify gender or race which is maintained in eSchoolPLUS.

7.4.1 A school may request permission from the parent or legal guardian of a minor student before a self-identified gender or race is accepted; provided, however, that prior to requesting the permission from a parent or legal guardian, the school should consult and work closely with the student to assess the degree to which, if any, the parent or legal guardian is aware of the Protected Characteristic and is supportive of the student, and the school shall take into consideration the safety, health and well-being of the student in deciding whether to request permission from the parent or legal guardian.

“Policies like Regulation 225 are setting parents up as a ‘non-ally’ and ‘unsupportive,’ discriminatory, even abusive, if they affirm their child’s biological realities and work through it instead of embracing the confusion,” states Delaware Family Policy Council – which spearheaded opposition to the rule.

The group continues that while all children should be treated with respect, and gender-confused children should receive “compassionate accommodations,” the rule obstructs “the right of parents to care for their children without government intrusion.”

full story at http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/12/06/parents-mobilize-to-halt-rule-allowing-k-12-children-to-self-identify-gender-and-race/

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