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Police Not Apologizing for ‘Scaring’ BLM Activists with Motorcycles

“They just came and took over our space as if it was theirs.”

by Trey Sanchez

A Black Lives Matter group on the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) campus said it was frightened by several North Las Vegas police officers who drove through a courtyard on motorcycles while the activists were finishing a poetry reading. An apology was demanded from the department, but police say it was a random training session and have no need to apologize.

The easily startled BLM group met last Wednesday at around 8 p.m. and were sitting at some tables in the courtyard. At least seven motor cops drove through the area and that scared the activists.

“We saw the police officers there doing circles, staring at us,” one of them said. “For them to be staring at us the way they were, revving their engines and going through a space that was ours, that was very intimidating. They didn’t say anything to us, they just came and took over our space as if it was theirs.”

But according to the police department, the officers were led to this location because it offered several unique obstacles for motorcycle training. The fact that BLM was meeting at the same time was just a coincidence.

A spokesman for the North Las Vegas Police said, “It is never our intent to offend or to intimidate anybody. The instructors wanted to put the student in a situation where they could maneuver challenging spots at a very low speed.”

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