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Tears Matter — Justine Trudeau And The Rise Of Emo-Politics

by Falko Baumgartner

Since the dawn of democracy, politicians have been the one occupational class which beats actors at acting. In ancient Athens, the principal assembly of the citizens was held in the largest theater of the city, establishing for all times the inseparable link between drama and politics.

Last week, former Canadian drama teacher and current Whine Minister Justine Trudeau picked up this tradition in the parliament over the supposed “oppression of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and two-spirit communities,” whatever the last term means. True to form the WM was moved by her own words and began to shed a tear.

With the handkerchief ready to hand Justine was evidently in her element. Breitbart records that she “has previously cried during public appearances on numerous occasions,” including for the children of residential schools, at a reunion with a “Syrian refugee” and the funeral for the victims of the Quebec mosque attack. A would-be actress seems to have found the role of her life. Given the endless list of grievance groups the left brings into position against the White heterosexual male oppressor class, this soap opera will surely be continued during the remainder of her term.

Self-manipulated emotions have of course belonged to the job profile of politicians long before Justine discovered method acting. But only five or ten years ago, such a perpetual display of tears would have profoundly disqualified any politician from holding an office in the eyes of the normal voter. It would have been a killer criteria. Not anymore. Today the public appears to be comfortable with the ultimate authority lying in the hands of the Crybaby-in-Chief. It even seems to crave for more expressions of “emotion.” And the politicians readily deliver.

Emo-Politics In Europe

Over in Europe, emo-politics have lately become an integral part of the failure of the political class to combat insurgent Islam. Unable to chase away the Muslim spirits that their policy of mass immigration has cited, senior politicians have resorted to the new wonder weapon of crying on live TV for its indigenous victims. Instead of securing the borders, hunting down the infiltrators and deporting the millions of sympathizers to their countries of origin, they believe that moral signalling is enough to substitute for hard decision making. Their delusional motto: ‘I saw, I cried, I did nothing.’ Repeat at next attack.

full story at http://www.eurocanadian.ca/2017/12/tears-matter-justine-trudeau-and-rise-of-emo-politics.html#more

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  • JeyRome

    On behalf of all the sane Canadians that didn’t vote this useless trust fund twit into power, we’re very embarrassed & sorry he’s trying to continue the ruin of NA like Obama started.

    We tried stopping him, but the dim witted LILIQ’s on the left outnumbered us…there’s many stupid people here in Canada…mostly in Ontario going east.

    • cptspanky

      What was it Hillary said of Liberals, Look, the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.

      No different east on Manitoba, and in BC

  • The Thinker

    Funny, after the Christian Missionaries were beheaded in North Africa, Trudeau didn’t cry.
    in fact, he went to his Radical Mosque and Prayed with the other Islamist Terrorist Sympathizers, the “Victory Prayer”

    there is video of him LAUGHING!

    not one tear was shed then!

    • cptspanky

      Trudeau is a dirt bag traitor to Canadians like his buddy Obama was to the USA