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Fighting The Cancer that is Liberalism

Using schools to Brainwash our kids

KATIE HOPKINS: Schools are supposed to teach kids HOW to think for themselves, not WHAT to think. So why are so many liberal teachers bullying and brain-washing children with their own intolerant views?

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Conservative Larry Elder instructs parents on how to ‘un-brainwash’ their liberal kids

Conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder is passionate about fixing America’s schools and helping parents who believe in liberty keep their children from falling for the liberal indoctrination used in so many K-12 schools and higher institutions of learning.

In an interview on Sunday morning with Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” Elder was asked what parents can do when their children return home from college as mini Bernie Sanders clones, and Elder said one of the best tools he’s found is a short section of a lecture given in 2012 by leftwing activist and rock star Bono at Georgetown University. The relevant section begins at the 37:25 mark.

The sexual brainwashing in North American schools

There has been much controversy and many parental protests about the latest radical sex curriculum issued in 2015, by the Liberal government in the province of Ontario. Many parents and groups want the radical curriculum withdrawn. The sex curriculum is part of the Health and Physical Education program for all Ontario schools both Catholic and public. This comprehensive sex “education” is now in Canada, the United States and most western nations because it is being pushed by the United Nations itself.!/2016/10/the-sexual-brainwashing-in-north.html

What’s Worse Than Liberal Socialism? Marxist Socialism

wrote last week about evil of totalitarian ideologies such as communism and fascism and pointed out that both antifa and Nazis should be treated with complete disdain and ostracism.

And that led me to find common ground with my left-of-center friends, even though I don’t like many of their policies.

I don’t like redistribution… programs are financed with taxes and that the internal revenue code is enforced by coercion… if you catch me in a cranky mood, I’ll be like the stereotypical libertarian at Thanksgiving dinner and wax poetic about what’s wrong with the system.

Why So Many Millennials Are Socialists

Septuagenarian presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been capitalizing on young people’s lack of knowledge and life experience to sell them a bill of rotten goods.

Since when did socialism become en vogue? It seems like only a few years ago being called a socialist in American politics was an insult. Today, however, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders—a self-avowed socialist—is quickly rising in the polls, and millennials are largely driving his support.

Socialism’s Culture of Death

Barack Obama is a Socialist. His father’s dreams were to convert nations of Earth to Socialism. It has been Obama’s intent to impose his father’s dream upon us and to convert the United States of America to a Third World Socialist wasteland.

Socialism has fixed truths, whether the Socialism is Marxism or Fascism. First, the people must accept lies in order for Socialism to take control. The people must be convinced that those who have more than they do will be harmed financially and even physically. Envy is a core motivator of Socialism.

The people must be convinced that the money and goods of those who have more than they do will be forcibly taken by taxes and direct confiscation and given to them. The people must be convinced that those who have been working hard will continue to work hard so that they do not have to work or can hardly work at all.

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