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Mounties Embrace Real Muskrat Hats in Spite of Complaints from Animal Rights Wackos

Posted by David Smith

The Canadian Mounties have decided that real muskrat hats are preferable to fake fur, a decision that has animal rights people crying foul.

Two years ago the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – aka the Mounties – succumbed to pressure from animal rights groups who disdain trapping. The Mounties bowed before these extremists and announced that they would be abandoning their traditional winter muskrat hats and would instead adopt synthetic alternatives.

Well, now the Mounties have reversed that decision, declaring that the synthetic alternatives are a poor replacement for real fur.

“Artificial fur did not stand up to exposure to the elements (particularly rain), or provide the same level of warmth in extreme winter conditions,” the RCMP said of the field tests they performed.

As a result, the Mounties have just ordered 5,000 new muskrat hats for their officers. This is great news for the Mounties, for Canada, for the trapping lifestyle and tradition, for everyone involved – except for the animal rights folks, who are fiercely criticizing the decision.

You’ve heard all the half-baked anti-trapping complaints from these groups before, so there’s no need to rehash them here and give these non-environmentalists more publicity than they deserve.

Suffice to say, with three muskrat pelts used per hat, the activists are declaring that the Mounties are responsible for 15,000 agonizing muskrat deaths.

Of course that’s a gross mischaracterization, if not an outright lie. Modern muskrat trapping is a very efficient endeavor, with traps and methods usually killing the animals quickly and humanely as possible.

 Interestingly (for a politician), at least one Conservative Member of the Canadian Parliament, Robert Sopuck, boldly hailed the Mounties decision as a great win for the citizens, history, and traditions of Canada.

“The fur trade heritage is something we should be very proud of,” Sopuck said. Sopuck also rightly referenced the fact that Canada was built on the fur trade and that the practice should be upheld and preserved wherever and whenever possible.

“Anything we can do to protect and defend the fur trade, I support,” he declared.

Sopuck also cited the importance of the symbolism of the Mounties and their fur hats.

“The RCMP, by wearing muskrat hats, is showing solidarity with the communities they live in,” he stated. “It would be a very bad signal to the fur trade for the RCMP to abandon the muskrat hat.”

You can be assured that the animal rights groups will not give up their attacks on trapping and hunting and our outdoors way of life. If only there were more politicians of Sopuck’s fortitude.

In the meantime, we can celebrate this win. The Canadian Mounties have just given us one more reason to see them as some of the coolest law officers on the planet.


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  • Ty Savoy

    Synthetic fabric can be warmer than dead animal skin and fur. Ever hear of Thinsulate ? It works well. This is a political decision, not one based on an objective look at what is warmer or not.

    Killing animals in cruel traps for things we no longer have the need for is ethically indefensible. There is no way to humanely kill someone who does not want to die. Nonhuman animals wish to continue living every bit as much us human ones. The RCMP has blood on their hands.

    • John Keith

      Can’t say it any better…

  • Garion Porter

    What a crap piece! You refer to animal rights groups as “wackos”? And you have no real idea of how a trap-line works. It’s exceedingly cruel industry with no regard to animal rights/welfare/protection. In fact it is largely monitored. Attempts to regulate/police it are pathetic at best…which is kinda ironic if you think about it. :(.

  • karin

    Shame on the #RCMP and #Canada. It’s 2018…we n longer need to rip the skin off of animals to stay warm. Shame on you supporting animal cruelty Brian. You are the wacko…see what leg hold traps and snares do to animals…

  • Karim

    Extremists? People who stand up for innocent animals are extremists?
    ´This is a great decision for (…) everyone involved, except the animal rights groups’
    What about for the real victims of this decision?
    Canada was built on the fur trade? And we should be proud of it and uphold it? It was also built on land taken from its natives. Should we be proud of that too? Some traditions need to be retired. When we realize how wrong it is to kill and destroy, we need to stop doing it! The answer to the environmental issue of synthetic materials isn’t to go back to killing innocent animals but to recuperate and recycle the materials and close the loop for this and all products made by any industry to minimize waste and garbage.

    What an outdated and cruel ideology this author has. Mr David Smith should be ashamed.

  • Ev B

    Only a pathetic waste of space would call people who actually care for and speak out for non human animals wackos. Doesn’t say much about the RCMP or this ignorant writer. Not to proud of my country anymore that’s for sure.

  • hilstad

    Slavery abolitionists were dismissed as ‘wackos’. Women’s rights activist were dismissed as ‘wackos’. Apparently, ‘wacko’ just means “someone capable of rational thinking and compassion”.

  • cptspanky

    Cool real fur, just the way it should be