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As Noose Tightens: Crooked Cops James Comey and Andrew McCabe Go Silent


On Wednesdsay night Sean Hannity told his audience he heard either former FBI Director James Comey or FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe paid for the phony Trump dossier that was then used by US intelligence officials to spy on Trump

Sara Carter reported on Wednesday the FBI gained approval to surveil members of Trump’s campaign by using the bogus Russia dossier.

Sean Hannity said McCabe or Comey paid for the phony dossier!

Sean Hannity: I’m hearing from sources that either Comey or McCabe paid. Do you hear the same.

Sara Carter: I’m hearing both stories Sean.

Via Hannity:

As the noose tightens around the deep state criminal network both James Comey and Andrew McCabe have gone silent.

Crooked cop James Comey has not tweeted since this tweet on January 3rd.

And we’ve heard nothing from Andrew McCabe since the president tweeted “not so fast with that full retirement” or such.

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