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‘Stop Soros’ – Hungary Will Raise Taxes on Pro-Mass Migration Groups to Fund Border Protection Force

Hungary is crafting legislation aimed at tackling so-called ‘civil society’ groups which aid and abet mass migration, including a special tax on their operations and restraining orders for bad actors.

Dubbed ‘Stop Soros’ after billionaire financier, mass migration advocate, and convicted insider trader George Soros, the package of measures is designed to impede the activities of foreign-funded NGOs helping to organise and assist illegal immigrants in their attempts to travel through Europe.

“The government of Hungary takes the position that illegal mass immigration is a problem that affects Europe as a whole and poses serious security risks,” reads a statement provided to Breitbart London.

“The Hungarian government opposes illegal immigration through every means possible. We need to improve the security of citizens. Our aim is that Europe should continue to be the best place on Earth to live. In the spirit of this endeavour, the government has presented [this] package of bills to Parliament.”


The most important measures in the bills are presented as follows:

1. Every organisation that supports illegal immigration by using foreign financial resources would be registered and obliged to report on its activity.

2. A tax would be imposed on the foreign funding of organisations supporting illegal immigration. This public income would be invested in border protection.

3. It would be possible to issue restraining orders against those who take part in organising illegal immigration. In essence, such restraining orders would apply in any area that is within 8 kilometres [5 miles] of the Schengen border. In special cases, a third-country citizen would be subject to a restraining order anywhere within Hungary. This measure would remain in force until the end of the migration crisis.

Dr. Zoltán Kovács, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, indicated that the levy would stand at 25 per cent.

It has been speculated that the restraining order provisions might be used to ban Soros, who is based in the United States but was born in Hungary, from entering the country, along with his agents.

Prime Minister Orbán has been clear that, in his view, migrants who travel through a number of countries in order to find the most generous hosts are not refugees, but “invaders”.

Rather than submit to mass migration, he advocates helping genuine cases — particularly persecuted Christian minorities — in their homelands, or the nearest safe country.

“We cannot help the world while destroying our own people,” he told German media recently.

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