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The Prime Mistake – Anti Gun AG Robbed at Gun Point

Justin Trudeau’s flying unicorn hits a storm

Canada’s Liberal government is starting to make mistakes and suffer mishaps

TO OPPOSE the government of Justin Trudeau has been no fun. Canada’s prime minister has shrugged off controversies that would have hurt a less charismatic politician. Few Canadians seemed to mind when he accepted a helicopter ride from the Aga Khan to holiday on his private island in the Bahamas; most yawned when the government paid C$10.5m ($8.4m) to settle a lawsuit brought by a former inmate of Guantánamo. After a flattering cover story on Mr Trudeau appeared in Rolling Stone in July, Michelle Rempel, an MP from the opposition Conservative Party, vented her frustration: the press treat him and his team as “Prince Charmings who can do no wrong, all while flying through a rainbow on a unicorn”.

Canadians Didn’t Sign Up For Trudeau’s Scandals And Bad Policies

It has been more than a year since Canadians voted in a federal election to grant Justin Trudeau a majority government, after one of the longest federal election cycles in modern Canadian history.

Trudeau’s overwhelming support came from a message that revolved around “change.” His campaign made a plethora of campaign promises, offering a fresh face, new ideas and the promise of transparency for the Liberal platform.

Trudeau’s actions in government have not lived up to expectations, and Canadians are taking notice. A recent poll has shown the Liberal government’s approval rating dropping a staggering nine points to 42 per cent, from a November poll which had Liberal support at 51 per cent.

Illinois AG candidate robbed at gunpoint in Chicago during campaign photoshoot

A Democratic candidate running for Illinois attorney general was robbed at gunpoint Thursday during a campaign photoshoot in Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Aaron Goldstein, 42, and members of his campaign team were approached by three men in their early 20s. One of the men had a handgun and demanded Goldstein and the campaign aides turn over the camera equipment and other personal belongings, including their cell phones, which they did.

According to the Tribune, law enforcement sources confirmed that they had no one in custody and did not release a description of the suspects.

Goldstein’s campaign manager Robert Murphy, who was not with the candidate at the time, explained that he was taking promotional campaign photos with an “in-the-neighborhood kind of” message, according to the Tribune. The incident took place in Albany Park.

The Psychological Causes of
Political Madness

The Liberal Mind is the first systematic examination of human nature and human freedom. It is the first book to explain why certain economic, social and political arrangements are compatible with human nature — and why some are not.

The Liberal Mind is the first book to explain how modern liberal collectivism undermines the legal and moral foundations of ordered liberty.

Read The Liberal Mind and learn why:

The laws and moral codes–the rules–that properly govern human conduct arise from, and must be compatible with, the biological, psychological and social nature of man.
The liberal agenda’s Modern Parental State violates all of the rules that make ordered liberty possible.
The modern liberal agenda is a transference neurosis of the modern liberal mind, acted out in the world’s economic, social and political theaters.
The liberal agenda’s Modern Permissive Culture corrupts the foundations of civilized freedom and is destroying America’s magnificent political achievements.

MSM Lies

The mainstream media’s lies, and the liars behind them

Often accused of left-wing bias and making up stories on the fly, the mainstream media has had it’s fair share of controversies throughout the years.

In this Horn News exclusive, we take a look at the five BIGGEST media liars in recent memory:

#1: Dan Rather, CBS News

A “60 Minutes” piece that aired during the presidential race between George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry on September 8, 2004 threatened to shake up the election.

The story relied on a bombshell – four documents allegedly written by Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, one of Bush’s Texas Air National Guard commanders in the early 1970s.

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