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Tom Fitton Slams Sessions DOJ: ‘Deep State’ Has Level of Control That Would Make Obama Admin ‘Blush’


Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton slammed the Sessions Justice Department Thursday evening, going as far as saying the Deep State is in control of the agency in ways that would make the Obama administration ‘blush.’ 

“There’s a lack of transparency at this Justice Department that would have made the Obama Justice Department blush,” Fitton lamented to Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs.

“The Deep State is in full control over there thanks to the leadership checking out on these transparency issues and refusing to be brave on these transparency issues,”continued Fitton.

“We’ve asked about these text messages, I can’t tell you how contemptuous they were in response.”

Fitton then went on to say the Sessions Justice Department responded to Judicial Watch’s request to obtain the text messages by essentially asking that they sue.

“They have basically been giving us the back of the hand and this is out of the new administration, not the Obama administration,” added Fitton.

Judicial Watch announced Wednesday it filed a FOIA lawsuit against the Sessions Justice Department in an effort to obtain the since-found text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

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