on February 13, 2018 in World News

Donald Trump Announces 2018 CPAC Appearance

President Donald Trump confirmed that he would attend the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference.

“The journey to MAGA began at CPAC 2011 and the opportunity to reconnect with friends and supporters is something I look forward to every year,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The annual conference just outside of Washington, DC, is put together by the American Conservative Union and begins on February 22.

“Thanks for keeping this promise and all the others, Mr. President,” replied ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp on Twitter.


Trump shocked the political establishment when he first appeared at CPAC in 2011 and delivered a speech to conservative activists.

“I have a reputation for telling it like it is, I’m known for my candor,” he said, teasing the audience with a possible presidential run. “I’ve had a lot of great victories, and I may be willing to put that to work.”

Trump attended CPAC for several years afterward before speaking as the President of the United States in 2017.

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