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Attention California gun owners! CRPA/NRA future webinar

Late last year, the California Department of Justice released a series of proposed administrative / executive regulations that defined certain legal terms in a way that turned thousands of previously legal firearms into newly classified “assault weapons,” and also banned the possession of so-called “large-capacity” magazines. The lack of clarifying regulations regarding the registration of newly classified “assault weapons” and newly banned “large capacity” magazines has left many gun owners in the dark about how to comply with the laws.  READ MORE

National concealed carry reciprocity this term? Not so fast.

The Daily Caller
More than one person has mused that since driver license reciprocity is universal, concealed pistol licenses should be too. On paper, sure — but it isn’t actually that simple. You see, the various states all agree voluntarily to recognize driver’s licenses and continue to do so largely because the laws governing driver’s licenses are quite uniform.  READ MORE

Stop AB 424!

AB 424, which will strip your local school superintendent or those with equivalent authority of their right to give written authority for an individual to possess a firearm within a school zone, could be coming up for a vote any day now in the Assembly. It is urgent that you contact your Assembly member today and tell them to oppose this attack on parents, teachers, and other school officials from protecting themselves, their families, and the school at-large.  READ MORE

Speed kills at the PRS

By Joshua Fry
How hard can it be? This was the question I asked myself as I contemplated trying my hand at the Precision Rifle Series (PRS). On a regular basis, I compete in 3-Gun events with shots out to 500 yards all while running and shooting my pistol and shotgun before attempting to regain my breathing and composure to make hits with a 6x scope. Subtracting two guns and adding a 25x scope seemed like child’s play. Pride always comes before a fall.  READ MORE

Off body carry: What do you have to overcome?
Off body concealed carry is the term most often associated with any portable holster or system that secures the firearm but isn’t directly attached to the body. Over the past 10 years, off body carry holsters are gaining popularity and momentum particularly with the rise in the number of women entering the world of firearm related defense.  READ MORE

6 guns to look for in a buyer’s market

American Rifleman
Thanks to a current favorable climate when it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights, we have at long last returned to a buyer’s marketplace. Dealers’ shelves are well-stocked with a variety of options at reasonable prices. This means now is a great time to try something new.  READ MORE

Pay attention!

Shooting Sports USA
We’ve probably all been there during a competition: staring through the sights and slowly squeezing the trigger — only to realize after the shot that our mind was trying to recall if we had fed the cat before leaving the house that morning (or something similarly unrelated). Usually this happens about the same time we see the shot is not quite as good as we had hoped for.  READ MORE

The safety dance

Shooting Illustrated
There is this thing in the shooting community where we tend to treat safety, not as a process, but rather as a binary condition. Witness the firestorm that erupts whenever someone mentions that the disassembly procedure on the Glock isn’t all it could be in the safety department.  READ MORE

Why a revolver is still a smart choice for personal defense

Outdoor Life
In today’s world of high-capacity, polymer-frame, semi-auto pistols, we often forget about the original repeating handgun. While the roots of the revolver go back to the revolving arquebus, produced by Hans Stopler of Nuremberg in 1597, it wasn’t until 1836 that Sam Colt figured out how to make it work reliably. Once Colt started making revolvers, the world of repeating handguns changed forever.  READ MORE



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