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Trudeau Government Planning Taxpayer-Funded Newspaper Bailout

The last thing we need is the anti-free speech Trudeau government making even more of the media dependent on them for survival.

The Trudeau government is planning to spend Canadian taxpayers money on a bailout of newspapers and other media, in a move that will further increase the governments power over the media – which is a very disturbing move considering how much the Trudeau government opposes free speech.

According to the CP, “The financing is expected to be doled out through the Canada Periodical Fund, which currently assists print magazines, non-daily newspapers and digital periodicals. Heritage Minister Melanie Joly reportedly discussed the matter during a meeting Thursday with representatives of the Federation nationale des communications, which represents 7,000 people who work in culture and communications. Joly’s spokesman, Simon Ross, didn’t deny the report and says there will be an announcement in the coming weeks or months concerning the $75-million annual fund, which is currently under review.”


Postmedia’s Godfrey wants lifeline of tax breaks, bigger government ad spending

The head of one of Canada’s biggest media empires is calling on Ottawa to spend more on Canadian newspaper ads, and to give greater tax breaks to companies that do the same.

Postmedia president and CEO Paul Godfrey made the plea Thursday to a Commons committee examining the future of the country’s struggling local media.

“Come back and advertise in our newspapers and on our websites,” Godfrey pleaded, noting that government cuts to advertising in recent years have disproportionately affected newspapers.

“We’re asking the government to be an ally, not for a bailout of the Canadian newspaper industry.”


Canadian media is pushing us all to be Liberal

Imagine if instead of facing Opposition parties in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced nothing but a wall-to-wall mirror, meaning all he could see was his own adorable reflection.

OK, don’t worry, this is not a set up for a lame joke about Trudeau’s narcissism. It’s actually a set up for a lame metaphor about the Canadian media’s dogmatism.

My point is many mainstream pundits and journalists (I’m looking at you The Globe & Mail and CBC and Maclean’s) keep pushing Conservatives and New Democrats to mirror Liberal Party policies.


Our free speech is already under attack

Freedom of speech is vital for a free society. The principle behind freedom of speech, however, isn’t simply the ability to scream and shout down opinions we don’t like.

The purpose of free expression is tied to our ability to debate and to engage in civil discourse with our fellow Canadians — including those with whom we disagree.

But our ability to discuss issues publicly is being undermined


Like Father, Like Son?

Canada’s democratic system has empowered a dynasty that’s not big on democracy.

Two years ago, Justin Trudeau was asked which nation’s type of government he most admired besides Canada’s.

His answer: China’s.

“You know, there’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime,” he said. “In this world we’re competing with countries that have the capacity to react to big issues quickly and completely. We need to make sure that even though we have to compete with them, we can get things done completely” (emphasis added throughout).

According to Justin Trudeau, democracy is frustrating because it doesn’t allow prime ministers to do what they want. And now Justin Trudeau is the prime minister.


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