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Canada under “President Bieber.”

In this week’s Delingpole podcast, James and his brother Dick – a self-described “libertarian” and “occasional historical French soldier” – discuss “soul healing” after giving up Twitter for Lent, the absurdity of the Nazi Pug trial, and the unfortunate emasculation of Canada under “President Bieber.”

Dick revealed that as his sacrifice for Lent he chose something that would “really hurt” – Twitter. He recalled having to tell himself “you can look but not touch” – which reminded James of “the special clubs” he used to venture to with his brother. Dick recalled having spent “40 days and 40 nights” away from the platform, which in the end, he found did not benefit him at all. James disagreed and argued that surely his “soul was less poisoned”. In James’ words, “‘it’s really bad for the soul having to endure the horror of twitter”. He added that in fact “only yesterday, somebody called” him “a neo-Nazi.”

Who would call you that? You’re an old-school Nazi!

[Note to idiots: this was a JOKE]

Speaking of Nazis, Dick expressed disappointment over missing out on the whole Count Dankula” case, “blowing up” on Twitter when he wasn’t there. Mark Meechan (Count Dankula) was found guilty of being “grossly offensive” last month in a Scottish court, after teaching his “girlfriend’s pug to give the Nazi salute” and uploading the video to his YouTube channel. Commenting on the sentence, James expressed his dismay at “living in an age when a man can be arrested by the police for teaching his girlfriend’s dog the Nazi salute”. In response, Dick proceeded to tell a story of how the real Nazi used to live:


He saw his best mate get shot right through the forehead. What a great little story

Dick recalled an anecdote told him by a ‘very blond, tall, upstanding’ ‘panzer commander’, whom he encountered through a mutual friend. The commander explained how during the war when the German panzer crews returned to their leaguers – their nighttime defensive formations – “what they hated the most were the Canadians.” They would “climb the trees” and “as soon as the hatches came open, the Canadians would snipe them from the trees.”

And now they’ve got president Bieber

Expressing sincere respect for the Canadian forces during the Second World War, James mourned the “fearless men” that “Canada lost.” He admitted that not only were they “given the dirtiest jobs, they were all volunteers”, and today their president is “Justin Bieber Trudeau – He’s just the worst.”

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