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Liberals Changing Laws To Fit Agenda

Trudeau promises new legal framework for Indigenous people

‘We need to get to a place where Indigenous peoples in Canada are in control of their own destiny,’ PM says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is promising a fundamental rethink of how the federal government recognizes Indigenous rights and title, vowing to work with Indigenous partners to develop a new legal framework to foster self-governance.

In a 15-minute speech in the House of Commons that was short on concrete details, Trudeau said he wants to give new life to Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982, which recognizes and affirms Aboriginal and treaty rights.

Liberals table massive piece of legislation to overhaul the Canadian justice system

The federal Liberals have tabled a massive piece of legislation that will aim to overhaul the Canadian justice system.

At more than 300 pages, the new legislation proposes a number of major changes that Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says fit with the goal of making the system more fair and more just, both for victims of crimes and those from communities that are over-represented in jails and prisons.

Liberals table massive piece of legislation to overhaul the Canadian justice system

Liberals wrong to comment on justice system

‎Credit where it’s due. Justin Trudeau said it would be inappropriate for him to comment on specifics of the Gerald Stanley verdict. Well, he may have been half right on inappropriate.

He got it totally wrong about limiting his response to no “specifics.” In fact it was highly inappropriate for him – or his ministers – to have made or continue to make any comments whatsoever!

Unfortunately, however, I fear he is not a total dummy. His, and his ministers’ comments are not mistakes, but coldly calculated moves to advance a screwball Liberal concept of the justice system.

The true history and sinister origin of Bronfman family wealth

Clare and Sara Bronfman, who fund NXIVM and Keith Raniere, are the granddaughters of Samuel Bronfman.

In Yiddish, “Bronfman” means “liquor-man.” The family is Russian Jewish.

During Canada’s prohibition (1915-19), Sam Bronfman, with brothers Abe, Harry and Alan, turned their hotel and prostitution operations into “boozeriums.”

Business was brisk until 1918, when a law was passed that prohibited the manufacture or importation of alcohol. There was a loophole that permitted distribution by pharmacists of alcohol for “medicinal” purposes. The Bronfmans went into the mail order business putting labels on their whiskey such as “Rock-A-Bye Cough Cure” and Dandy Bracer–Liver and Kidney Cure; it contained sugar, molasses, bluestone, 36 percent alcohol, and tobacco.

The Rest of the Story

The Bronfman Crime Families

The Purple Gang originated in Detroit. Dalitz, who once lived in Detroit and had family there, had connections to the Purple Gang but his main influence was in Cleveland. Born in Boston, Dalitz moved to Cleveland and used the name Maurice Davis so he wouldn’t embarrass his family, who remained in Detroit and ran a legitimate laundry business
Dalitz’s connection to the Bronfman family stemmed from the fact that the Bronfmans shipped most of their liquor through Cleveland because of the city’s proximity to the Canadian border. However, the Bronfmans also dealt with the Purple Gang in Detroit, and with various New York bootleggers including Luciano (right), Lansky and Arnold Rothstein. The Bronfmans were always entertained lavishly and treated to the best seats at boxing matches by their underworld hosts. After Prohibition, the Bronfmans’ distilleries were among the most profitable in the liquor industry.

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