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D’Souza Uncensored: American Democrats Inspired the Nazis, New Film Proves It

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza — fresh off a pardon from President Donald Trump over a seemingly politically-motivated criminal conviction from former President Barack Obama’s Justice Department — is about to unleash yet another bombshell of a film on the American public.

The new film, “Death of a Nation,” draws parallels between how the Democrats fought tooth and nail against both former Republican President Abraham Lincoln and the current leader of the Republican Party, Trump.

The film notes how the Democrats refused to accept the results of the 1860 election, brutally smeared Lincoln as the worst person ever and even went to war against him, prior to assassinating him when all else failed.

Save assassination, the same appears to hold true thus far with regard to how Democrats have reacted toward Trump.

A big part of the film is debunking the liberal media-driven narrative that Trump and his supporters are racist, white supremacists and fascists. D’Souza sets out to show how it’s actually the Democrats who have a storied history of being the party of racism, white supremacism and fascism, even going so far as to show how the despicable Nazis of Germany adapted some of their positions from those of American Democrats in the past.

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“Hitler got three specific ideas from the progressive Democrats,” D’Souza said in an interview with Western Journal. “The first was, Hitler got the idea of conquest in Europe — Hitler had been thinking about becoming a colonialist the way the British were in India, going to far-flung countries to conquer it for the Germans, and then Hitler realized, ‘Wait a minute, the Jacksonian Democrats in America didn’t have to go anywhere.’”

“They just threw the Indians off the land, they displaced them, they drove them west, they enslaved the ones that remained, and Hitler goes, ‘I’m gonna do that,’” he continued.

“I’ll throw the Slavs, the Poles, the Russians, I’ll drive them back, the ones that stay I’ll enslave them, and so Hitler got his model for conquest from the Jacksonian Democrats,” D’Souza said.

“Hitler’s second idea, the Nazis also got the idea for the Nuremberg Laws — the laws that made Jews into second-class citizens — they got the idea for how to do that from the Democrat Party,” he added.

D’Souza said the segregation laws in the South inspired Hitler.

“They took the Democratic ‘Jim Crow’ laws — it’s important to point out here that every segregation law in the American south was passed by a Democratic legislature, signed by a Democratic governor and enforced by Democratic officials, there’s no exception to this rule,” he explained.

“So they took these Democratic laws, they crossed out the word ‘black’ and wrote in the word ‘Jew,’ and they had the template for the Nuremberg Laws.

“Let’s think of what the Nuremberg Laws did: No intermarriage between Jews and other Germans — the Democrats did that with the anti-miscegenation laws — segregation of Jews into ghettos — there was already segregation throughout the Democratic south,” D’Souza said.

And it wasn’t just the notion of segregation that Hitler took from the Democrats in the South.

“And third, the idea of confiscating the property of Jews, and that was being done with blacks in the United States. So as the Nazis looked to the Democrats, they said basically, ‘These guys have figured out how to create a racist state, we are going to be second in line to do it,’” he said.

The claims made by D’Souza in this interview, as well as the movie itself, will be vehemently criticized by many, most especially those on the left who are always seeking to distance themselves from the racist and fascist nature of their party’s predecessors.

However, D’Souza’s film argues that there isn’t near as much distance between current and former Democrats as they’d like everyone to believe, and he endeavors to put forward the evidence to prove as much in the many parallels he drew between past and present.

If this new film is anything like his previous films about Obama and Hillary Clinton, it will be an amazing lesson on the dark history of the American left that should be seen at a local theater by everyone, even if they don’t entirely agree with all of D’Souza’s conclusions.

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