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Alberta Rats – Pope Covers up Pedophilia

History of Rat Control In Alberta

Norway rats are one of the most destructive creatures known to man. They destroy and contaminate untold quantities of food, and through their tunneling activities, they undermine the foundations of buildings, sewer and water lines as well as city streets. Rats also weaken and deface buildings by gnawing holes through floors, walls, insulation and supporting structures.

Norway rats carried the flea that spread plague throughout Europe and Asia. Even today, rats spread organisms responsible for food poisoning, hepatitis, tularemea and other diseases.

Therefore, the people of Alberta are extremely fortunate not to have rats in the province. This situation is not by chance, but by design. Since 1950, Alberta has had a program to keep rats out of the province.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex3441

Rats in rat-free Alberta? Province confirms 3 found in Calgary in 2018

If you think “rat-free Alberta” means none of the rodents can be found in the province, well, that’s not entirely true.
A young rat was found in the suburb of Hillhurst just outside downtown Calgary Thursday morning.

Becky Rock’s son made the find near a garden on the side of their home.

“I think Alberta’s claim to be rat-free ran through my head. I was a little shocked, at least,” Rock said.
“Our cats have given us at least one or two treasures of the gift of a dead mouse on occasion [but] coming across a rat, I never would have expected that.”

Rats in rat-free Alberta? Province confirms 3 found in Calgary in 2018

Pope Francis is embroiled in a major pedophile scandal.

Claims that a recently appointed Chilean bishop covered for a pedophiliac priest are “slander,” the pope said during a recent visit to the country. “You, in all good will, tell me that there are victims, but I haven’t seen any, because they haven’t come forward,” he told an Associated Press reporter at the time. But the AP now reports that a victim did come forward, and that Francis personally received a letter from him detailing both the abuse and Bishop Juan Barros’s role in the cover-up:

Knife and gun crime rockets across England and Wales – as police numbers hit historic lows

Reported knife crime has seen a 21 per cent year-on-year spike across England and Wales, new figures show.

Gun crime has also seen a 20 per cent rise amid a surge in incidents being reported to police.

Forces registered 37,443 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in the year ending September 2017 – the highest tally since comparable records started in the 12 months to March 2011. Gun crime saw 6,694 recorded offences.

The UK Banned Guns—Now Stabbings and Violent Crime Are Out of Control

When there are reports of a mass shooting, and many politicians and mainstream media pundits respond by pushing for gun control, it is important to take a moment to look at the statistics and whether there is evidence that the proposed laws would make an impact—and in the United Kingdom, that impact is painfully apparent.

The UK has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, putting the burden on its citizens to prove to the government that they are worthy of owning a specific firearm, and their intent for its ownership.

As The BBC reported, “Getting a license is a long and complicated business. Every stage of the process is designed to reduce the likelihood of a gun falling into the wrong hands. It starts with an application form which asks specific questions about why the individual wants a gun, telling them they need to show ‘good reason.’”

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