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Judge Kavanaugh’s Accuser’s Attorney Is Vice Chair of Soros-Funded Organization Opposing Kavanaugh

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Wait a minute!  What’s going on?  Have you heard the latest about the Judge Kavanaugh sexual harassment deepening debacle?  If you haven’t, then you are in for some probable head-turning news.

Perhaps you ought to fasten your mental seatbelts and even take some fortification for your emotional control because what you are about to read probably will make you angry about the double standards of the “gotcha” world we live in.

The Geller Report on its website for September 18, 2018 published some interesting news about Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual harassment over thirty-some years ago while both were teens, but she can’t remember much of the details, according to developing stories.

Who is Pamela Geller?

Pamela Geller is the founder, editor and publisher of PamelaGeller.com and President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). She is the author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, (foreword by Ambassador John Bolton), (Simon & Schuster). Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. She is also a regular columnist for World Net Daily, the American Thinker, and other publications. Follow her on Facebook & Twitter


The Geller Report’s headline story was Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer is Vice Chair of Soros-Funded Organization Opposing Kavanaugh with the opening paragraph stating

The above information, along with the allegation that Kavanaugh’s mother ruled against the Blasey family’s house foreclosure in the clip below, probably indicates another motive: a revenge tactic more than anything which may have happened in those now-forgettable teenage years party-goings-on!

Sources: https://twitter.com/WashingtonDCTea

Let’s see what Monday, September 24th brings.  Will Blasey-Ford show up in the Senate hearing chambers?  Want to make a bet?  I predict she will not appear, and that she just may be playing a game of what can amount to boomerang chicken, but with the U.S. Congress and the citizens of the USA.

Blasey-Ford’s tactics are another chapter in the long-drawn-out disappointment that Hillary Clinton did not win the 2016 election, which the Democrats just can’t seem to get over, accept and carry on life as U.S. citizens, not modern-day Bolsheviks, in my opinion.


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Stop The Rumor-mill Presses: Judge Kavanaugh’s Accuser’s Attorney Is Vice Chair of Soros-Funded Organization Opposing Kavanaugh

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