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Employee steals and misappropriates shareholders money

Firstshot Fund Inc. raised $1,598,550.00 million from 37 investors and was preparing to transition to a public company. An employee of Firstshot, Roberta Gizen of Kelowna BC, stole cash, misappropriated more than $1,300,000.00, stole from the company’s bank account and used the company bank card for personal living expenses. Gizen also deposited email transfers payable to the company to her personal bank account. In addition, captured on surveillance video, Gizen stole office files, supplies, several computers, furnishings and the company’s phone system.

Much of the money stolen has been recovered. The board of directors of Firstshot decided to refund all of the investors money and to start fresh with a new company in order to avoid unknown obstacles created by Gizen within the company. The entire $1,598,550.00 was refunded to investors after a director of Firstshot contributed $301,500.00 which was the shortfall as a result of Gizen’s employment and actions. The decision to pay the shortfall was so 1 entity can pursue her instead of 37 individuals.

All charges are supported by irrefutable evidence which is available online in court records. Roberta Gizen has been sued for fraud and theft in a civil action and a criminal action continues to be investigated by the RCMP.


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