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Guns and Self Defense – Gun Rights Are Women Rights

Any Study Of ‘Gun Violence’ Should Include How Guns Save Lives

Firearms save lives as well take lives.

If one imagines that guns in civilian hands are used solely as murder weapons, it makes sense to ban or strictly regulate them.

But millions of Americans legally carry a firearm every day, and most cite self-defense as their primary reason. The overwhelming majority of the time, those guns are never drawn in anger. But innocent civilians can and do sometimes use their guns in self-defense. Any discussion of firearms policy must acknowledge the lives saved by legal use of guns as well as the lives lost by criminal use.


How The Second Amendment Became A Women’s Movement

I’m not sure many women can point to one incident that inspired them to become a full-time concealed-carrying gun owner. For many, it’s a series of events including formal education and personal experiences that add up over time to finally persuade a woman to take her personal protection into her own hands.

Much like women, the process is complex, spanning weeks or months, even years, in which she works to provide herself with the particular answers she needs to become comfortable with her decision. But one of the main reasons I encourage every woman who carries to keep telling her story is that sometimes, all it takes is one chance encounter to transform someone into a full-time concealed-carrying gun owner.


Wisconsin company gives all employees handguns for Christmas

A Wisconsin company is giving employees revolvers for Christmas in what it said is an effort to promote personal safety and team building.

Ben Wolfgram is co-owner of Hortonville-based BenShot. The company makes novelty glassware embedded with a bullet to make it look like it’s been shot.

“We had a company meeting. What we did was ask people to go to a local gun store and find a gun that they wanted and we got a gift card for that gun so we could purchase it,” Wolfgram told WBAY.

He also said there was a $500 limit.


10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Concealed Carry Permit

Carrying a concealed weapon in public is permitted in all 50 states as of 2013. Illinois became the last state to enact concealed carry legislation. Forty-two states have “shall-issue” laws. This where concealed weapon permits can be issued as long as someone meets minimum requirements. These include minimum age, no prior felony convictions, and no recent commitments to a mental institution. Eight states have “may issue” laws. This is where concealed weapon permits are approved based on the discretion of local police departments or governments.


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