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Gun Buybacks – RCMP Backlog Gun Licenses

Police Trade Cash For Thousands of Guns Each Year. But Experts Say It Does Little to Stem Violence.

On June 27, the Tampa Police Department staged a daylong gun buyback event in response to a recent rise of shootings and homicides in Hillsborough County, Florida. From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., anyone in the county could anonymously exchange an operating gun for $50 in cash and walk away with no questions asked. By the end of the day, the department had collected 521 firearms: 213 revolvers, 135 pistols, 104 rifles, and 79 shotguns. After being catalogued, the haul will be processed and dumped in the Atlantic Ocean to create artificial coral reefs.

Firearms licence screening backlogs pose safety risks: RCMP audit

Investigations into whether gun licences should be revoked due to violent incidents or mental illness have faced “significant delays” that could endanger public safety, says an internal RCMP review.

A lack of timely access to certain police and medical information has contributed to processing backlogs for firearms officers reviewing licence eligibility, warns the newly released audit report.

“Information which needs to be requested from third parties may experience delays, thereby delaying the conduct of eligibility investigations,” says the report. “This increases the potential risk to public safety.”

The audit results come as the Liberal government studies options — including a possible ban on handguns and assault weapons — to deal with growing firearm-related violence.

Disband the RCMP

Disband the RCMP? Like the beaver and the maple leaf and hockey, mounties are one of Canada’s beloved national symbols. Why would we disband the RCMP?

The RCMP is out of control. The RCMP is corrupt and incompetent. The RCMP has a long history of abusing force. The latest outrage is raiding a Thanksgiving Day turkey supper being held by a family in Coquitlam, BC. Read the story below. Remember Robert Dziekanski whom the RCMP killed with tasers at the Vancouver airport? The Polish government is suing Canada over that outrage.

Canadian RCMP Claims Power To Decide When New Gun Laws Come Into Force

It’s not every day that you learn about sweeping new powers assumed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) but, June 18, 2015, is a day to mark in our history books.

Contrary to both current law and Parliamentary tradition, some RCMP bureaucrats decided they, not the Governor in Council, now have the power to tell Canadians when laws come into force.

School bans wearing of expensive jackets to counter inequality among students

A school in England has expanded the old adage “clothes don’t make the man,” by creating a dress policy that insists that clothes don’t make the boy or girl either.

Approximately 46 percent of students attending Woodchurch High School in Birkenhead, come from lower income households, while others come from relatively prosperous families.

Due to the mixture of wealthy and low income students, the school sees the problems caused by one group of students wearing expensive coats, in effect flaunting their money and prestige, while others are made to feel ashamed because they cannot afford these brand name jackets.

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