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NEWS RELEASE December 3, 2018, Kelowna, BC


“Canadian governments need to better represent Canadian citizens to provide a free market place with low taxes, small government and big opportunities. There are many ways for Canadians to have money freedom and personal freedom but politicians just don’t seem to get that their job is to work for Canadians so that they can pay less and have more.”

“Taxes can be reduced to a mere fraction of what they are at the present time. It’s estimated that more than 72% of a persons income is paid to some type of taxes. Politicians always say elect me and I will reduce your taxes and I will give you lots of free stuff, which makes no sense. Reducing taxes is actually pretty simple. Just get rid of things that are not needed and stop giving away free stuff. We need a say in how the country runs. Career politicians are bad for the average citizen” says Brian Lovig, business man and host of

A few examples to lower taxes:

Decrease the federal ridings by 100.

There are 338 ridings presently which is an over representation and hundreds of millions of dollars will be saved per year with fewer ridings and, government will be more efficient. Money saved! Billions no longer needed. Lower the taxes for Canadians!

Eliminate the federal language act.

Literally trillions of dollars have been spent on bilingualism / the official languages act, and it’s not needed. People can speak whatever language they want, no law is needed. Quebec has its own language laws and it has virtually all of Canada’s french speaking citizens and in addition to a monstrous savings each year for all Canadians there will be more trade and products when manufacturers do not need to have 2 languages on packaging. Taxes will drop like a rock!

Bring back the penny

Several hundred million dollars are charged to citizens each year by retailers when they “round up” transactions and this is in addition to the taxes already paid for the money used to buy the product! Bring back the penny. Taxes go down!

Reform pension programs for politicians.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on pensions. Politicians are well paid and can create their own pension plan like the rest of us. Perhaps create a formula like 1 year salary for each year served. Taxes would drop a bunch yet again.

Corporate welfare, grants and loans

Cancel all programs and have trillions of dollars for another huge reduction in taxes paid by Canadians. This is huge! Taxes drop and taxpayers have a lot of extra money, their money, to keep.


CBC spends and looses billions of taxpayer dollars each year. Sell it. Quickly. Billions are not needed then so taxpayers get to keep more of their money!


Abolish GST. Taxes from Marijuana sales more than replace these amounts and Canadians save 5%! Big money!

Governor General

Reform the offices of the representatives of the Canadian monarch. The roles of the federal Governor and of the 10 provincial ones are mostly symbolic, ceremonial and repetitive. The cost is in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year and can be reduced to a few hundred thousand dollars per year for one federal Governor General, with greatly reduced numbers of staff and frills. Pensions and expenses of millions per year for former Governor Generals should be canceled. A significant amount of money is no longer wasted and needs to result immediately in yet another reduction of taxes for Canadian taxpayers.

Health Care

Reform the Canadian health care programs. It is a federal plan however it is also provincial and the costs for each Canadian is from $7000.00 to $12,000.00 per person, depending on which poll or study is used. The Canadian health care system is ridiculously expensive with poor service, poor care and Canadians have little or no choice. The Canadian Government took our right to choose from us, they think that they must think for their subjects. Reform health care and taxes will go down and health care quality goes up.

Carbon Tax

A carbon tax is a combined provincial and federal fee on emissions from fossil fuels. Governments plan to offer rebates of up to 80% of carbon taxes paid. The carbon tax is just that, a tax. To take money and then to pay some of it back in the form of a rebate is double handling craziness. There is no environment strategy or benefit of a carbon tax. Taxing carbon to improve the climate is like taxing stupidity to improve a persons IQ. Taxes must be reduced, not increased.


A few examples to make Canada great again:

Term limits

2 terms of 4 years each for prime minister. 3 terms of 4 years each for member of parliament. There are so many talented Canadians who can contribute to Canada so rotate the talent.

Fixed election date

Fixed date for federal election to occur every 4 years.


Board members of the riding can fire and charge elected officials for misrepresentation, poor governance or election lies.


Prime minister and all senior cabinet ministers to be born in Canada. Elected politicians cannot be citizens of other countries (presently about 65 elected Canadian politicians are citizens of other countries). If there’s a war with India for example and Canada’s minister of defence is a citizen of India, loyalties are tested. The current Prime Minister apparently is a citizen of Canada and France.

Donation limits to political parties.

There shouldn’t be a limit of the amount a person can donate but, it must be the persons own money. For example, a union donates money to political parties but that money belongs to its members, money that is not intended for this purpose.

Red tape

Get rid of repetitive rules, laws and employees, streamline the bureaucracy, remove the law that says union employees cannot be fired.

Personal protection

It is legal to protect yourself in Canada but it is not legal to use any tool. A woman will be jailed if carrying mace or pepper spray if she is jogging or hiking or is where dogs and people can be bad. No government has the right to tell a citizen that they do not have the right to defend their life.


It’s unclear if there is actually a law for abortion, and Canada needs a binding law for abortion. Discussions include topics like when an abortion can be performed, when does life begin, should sex selection abortions be allowed, why doesn’t the man have a choice as to whether or not the woman has an abortion, he doesn’t have a choice whether to pay child support or not if the woman chooses not to abort and at the present time in Canada a baby can be aborted 1 minute before a natural birth and be called an abortion while 1 minute after birth it is called murder. Should health care cover the costs of an abortion.There are several areas of abortion issues that need to be debated and regulated.


Canadians must all be treated the same. All Canadians are to pay taxes and one law is to apply to all. Color, culture and lifestyle can not matter with regard to treatment by government. Cash settlements should be made as may be applicable and then no further funding to special interest groups or visible minorities.


It’s said that unemployment for Canadians is close to 20%, when the various forms of welfare are factored in and until Canadians have jobs it is not practical to have others who in turn have special advantages come to compete for jobs. Immigration needs to be tied to the job market and passports should no longer be for sale with investment or wealth programs.


This is the preservation of a culture and of a unified identity within a country without integration and which culture is different from that of the country one has moved to. Multiculturalism divides countries. It has failed and needs to just go away. Canada has a culture. Immigrants need to be part of the Canadian culture. Colours of people do not matter, Canadians are colour blind however, it’s about culture and Canada has a culture which others must join if they want to be Canadian.

Inclusiveness, diversity and tolerance

These are buzz words used by politicians who are out of touch with people and the beliefs they hold and the words are meaningless. Good people don’t do bad things and governments need to do their job which is to reduce taxes, reduce the size of government, cut red tape, provide a free market place for big opportunities and restore freedom to Canadians.




“There are so many things that can be done to fix our country, much more than what I have stated but it’s a start. My suggestions will knock our taxes a way, way down and our freedom will go a way way up. Our politicians are the inmates running the asylum. Canada is closed for business. Tax and spend is what Canadian governments do and they chip away at our freedom literally every day. Canadians deserve better. The ideas for making Canada great again come from the many Canadians I have spoken to, who no longer want to be politically correct, because they can’t afford to be. If a wanna be leader uses only some of the ideas listed, Canada wins” says Brian Lovig, business man, host of


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