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Raybould vs Trudeau Corruption

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces election year corruption scandal

A leading Cabinet minister in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Prime Minister Trudeau’s government resigned Monday, becoming the second minister to step down over a scandal that has shaken the government in an election year.

Treasury Board president Jane Philpott, considered a star minister, said in a resignation letter that it was “untenable” for her to continue in the Cabinet because she lost confidence and could not defend the government.


Trudeau’s fake feminism has now been exposed

Any questions about whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sincere in his supposed feminism were thrown under the bus alongside former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould this week.

Trudeau talks a good game when it comes to his feminism.

He basks in the adulation of declaring himself a male feminist to crowds of adoring elites at international conferences and the UN.


The Paradise Papers Show Justin Trudeau is Corrupt

The Paradise Papers show damning evidence of Justin Trudeau’s financial corruption.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t have as low approval ratings like his compatriot down south, but his promises haven’t exactly been a shining beacon of credibility.

It just got a whole lot worse for him, and the Liberal Party in Canada.

New leak reveals 3,000-plus Canadians, including direct ties to Justin Trudeau involved in tax haven, tax evasion fraud and related loop holes.


SNC Lavalin Scandal Blowback from Corrupt Canadian Foreign Policy

Canada’s corrupt foreign policy practices have come home to roost on Parliament Hill.

Justin Trudeau’s government is engulfed in a major political scandal that lays bare corporate power in Ottawa. But, SNC Lavalin’s important role in Canadian foreign policy has largely been ignored in discussion of the controversy.

The Prime Minister’s Office has been accused of interfering in the federal court case against the giant Canadian engineering and construction firm for bribing officials in Libya. Former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould claims she was repeatedly pressured to defer prosecution of the company and instead negotiate a fine.

Facing a 10-year ban on receiving federal government contracts if convicted of bribing Libyan government officials, SNC began to lobby the Trudeau government to change the criminal code three years ago. The company wanted the government to introduce deferred prosecution agreements in which a sentencing agreement would allow the company to continue receiving government contracts. At SNC’s request the government changed the criminal code but Wilson-Raybould resisted pressure from the PMO to negotiate a deferred prosecution agreement with the company headquartered in Montréal.


Why Jody Wilson-Raybould was knifed by Justin Trudeau

Is Justin Trudeau’s PMO corrupt?

And did they punish the first female indigenous leader for refusing to go along with a dirty deal for their cronies?

This Globe and Mail story strongly suggests the answer is yes, to both questions. If true, this is corruption at the very highest levels of the federal government.

I’ve known this story was coming, but didn’t know it would be this bad. It’s bad.

It’s now clear that Justin Trudeau knifed Jody Wilson-Raybould because she refused to protect friends of Justin Trudeau. Friends enmeshed in multiple corruption scandals.

This one has it all: racism, cronyism, corruption. More shocking highlights below. Link here.


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