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DEATH BY TAXES: Lawmakers In California Propose Taxing Drinking Water

California, which already has the highest taxes in the nation, has finally decided to just go all in and tax drinking water.

We’ll repeat that: Drinking water in California could soon be taxed.

Lawmakers in the state of Californistan have proposed more than $6.2 billion worth of tax increases, according to the California Tax Foundation (CTF). Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has submitted a $209 billion budget that would set aside nearly $20 billion in a reserve fund.

Newsom says the state lacks access to clean drinking water, calling the situation a “disgrace.”

A new bill in the state legislature would establish “the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund in the State Treasury, and is expected to be amended to include a tax-like ‘fee’ on drinking water to raise funds for State Water Resources Control Board to administer programs intended to provide safe drinking water for all Californians,” the CTF reported. The Foundation added that in 2018, a similar bill “was estimated to cost taxpayers $100 million annually, according to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.”

If passed, residents would be charged anywhere from $1 to $10 a month on their water bills, depending on usage. Unlike many other tax bills — which require support from two-thirds of lawmakers — the new water tax requires a simple majority.

Some critics argue that California would set a precedent if it taxes water.

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