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New Jersey’s Democrat Gov. Pushing $550 Fee to Own and Carry a Gun

by AWR Hawkins

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) is pushing $550 in fees for law-abiding citizens who want to own and carry a gun for self-defense.

The New York Times reports that Murphy’s desired increase in fees is “20 times as much” as fees are today.

Currently, “a firearm identification card costs $5, while a permit to own a firearm is $2. A permit to carry a gun costs $20.” Murphy’s proposals would raise the cost to a point where the firearm identification card would be “$100, an owner’s permit would be $50 and a carry permit $400.”

Breitbart News reported that Gov. Murphy signed a “high capacity” magazine ban that took effect in New Jersey on December 11, 2018. The ban immediately turned owners of such magazines into fourth degree felons.


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