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Dennis Miller Laughs Off Joe Biden’s 2020 Run In Interview With Ben Shapiro

Daily Wire editor-in-chief and podcast host Ben Shapiro spoke with radio personality, actor, sports analyst and stand-up comedian Dennis Miller for this week’s “The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special.” During the interview, Miller discusses the upcoming 2020 presidential election and specifically how former Vice President Joe Biden will fare in the Democrat Party primary.

Biden should get back to his actual job, which is being the third guy in a car on a Sonic commercial,” said Miller. “You know, for years I’ve been hearing about what a genius Joe Biden is, and to me, he is one of those big glad-handing doofuses who went into the bubble when he was 29.”

“He’s 75, and now every time I see him, he’s saying, ‘I’m drawn to this reluctantly, but I have to help,'” Miller continued. “And Joe, if you’re out there and you watch Ben and, you know, probably you do, I want to tell you… stop helping me. I let you free, go out and help yourself! At age 75…to me, he’s more unhinged and shakier than a rescue dog in Phil Spector’s house. And when they always act like he’s avuncular I think, ‘I guess I’m missing that.’ Because to me, he is the sort of guy who looks like he thinks bottled water tastes better after you shake it.”

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