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Charlottesville judge rules Confederate monuments protected by state law and cannot be removed

By Jon Dougherty

In a ruling that is sure to make Left-wing haters’ heads explode — again — a local judge in Charlottesville, N.C., has ruled that Confederate monuments there are protected by state law and thus cannot be removed.

According to local CBS affiliate WCAV, the ruling by Circuit Judge Richard Moore flies in the face of a trend by city councils, schools, and other political subdivisions in removing Confederate historical symbols and markers under pressure from Leftists who claim they are monuments to slavery and ‘white supremacy.’

In his ruling, Moore noted that he’d be likely to overturn any civil judgment that called for the statue’s removal.

The judge wrote that he would likely overturn any civil judgment that called for the removal of the statues.

He noted that statues of Confederate commander Gen. Robert E. Lee and Gen. Stonewall Jackson are depicted in their uniforms and on horseback, as they were during their time of service to what was for a time the independent Confederate States of America.

“I believe that defendants have confused or conflated 1) what the statues are with 2) the intentions or motivations of some involved in erecting them, or the impact that they might have on some people and how they might make some people feel,” Moore writes. “But that does not change what they are.”


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