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Trump Administration to Crack Down on Illegals in Public Housing


Only Families where ALL MEMBERS are Citizens or Legal Residents will Qualify

It is stunning to think this was happening in America today.
It’s as if there is NO opposition party to the radical Democrats in Washington DC.

Thank God for President Trump and HUD Director Dr. Ben Carson.
Illegals will no longer qualify for free housing paid for by American taxpayers.

FOX News reported:

The Trump administration on Friday moved forward with a proposed rule to make it harder for illegal immigrants to access federally subsidized housing — the latest crackdown by the administration on immigrants who use public assistance.

The rule, proposed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and posted in the Federal Register, would require that those seeking public housing would be subject to verification of their immigration status. Only families in which every member is either a citizen or a legal resident would qualify for federally subsidized housing. Currently families where at least one person is either a citizen or green card holder can get federal assistance, even if other family members are not.

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