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Selena Gomez: ‘Social Media Has Been Terrible For My Generation’

 Singer Selena Gomez says social media has had a “devastating” effect on young people and has been “terrible for my generation.”

“For my generation specifically, social media has been terrible,” Gomez said. “I understand that it’s amazing to use as a platform but it does scare me when you see how exposed these young girls and boys are. I think it’s dangerous for sure.”

And Gomez says there’s no way to fix social media, adding that it’s “impossible to make it safe at this point.”

“I’m grateful I have a platform. I don’t do a lot of pointless pictures. For me, I like to be intentional with it she said at a press conference for her new zombie comedy The Dead Don’t Die.

But she said she fears for others. “I’ll see these young girls at meet and greets. They are devastated, dealing with bullying and not being able to have their own voice,” she revealed. “It can be great in moments. I would be careful and allow yourself some time limits of when you should use it.

“It does scare me when you see how exposed these young boys and young girls are,” she added. “They are not aware of the news. I think it’s dangerous for sure. I don’t think people are getting the right information sometimes.”

The singer has more than 150 million followers on social media, and she occasionally takes a break. “Taking a social media break. Again,” she wrote last September. “As much as I am grateful for the voice that social media gives each of us, I am equally grateful to be able to step back and live my life present to the moment I have been given. Kindness and encouragement only for a bit! Just remember- negative comments can hurt anybody’s feelings. Obvi.”

She also said she doesn’t have social media apps on her phone so she can get away from them.

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