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Tucker Carlson: ‘The Usual Suspects’ Are ‘Agitating’ For War With Iran

Chris Menahan

Tucker Carlson spoke out against the prospect of a war with Iran on Tuesday night during an interview with Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

“How is a war with Iran in America’s interest in any way?” Tucker asked.

“We’ve got a manufactured crisis,” Macgregor said. “There’s nothing new in this intelligence [which was given to the US by Israel – ed]. We’ve been operating in this area for several years now, the Iranians and we, we were both interested in destroying the same target, ISIS.”

“It’s hard to buy the notion that we now have to have a Carrier Battle Group in the Persian Gulf, along with hundreds of aircraft flying in from all over the world in order to deter Iran from attacking us,” Macgregor said.

“There’s no evidence that Iran wants to attack us. Quite the contrary, I think they’d like very much to avoid any conflict with us under any and all circumstances.”

Tucker said “the usual suspects” agitating for war — neocons like Max Boot and Bill Kristol — do not “have the country’s interests at heart.”

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