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Here are 5 tips for safely carrying a concealed handgun

By GunPros

Millions of Americans have made the decision to take their personal security into their own hands by carrying a concealed firearm. Though the specific motivations undoubtedly vary, the general hope is that by concealed carrying, they will be able to defend themselves and others from bad actors seeking to do harm.

Concealed carrying is a decision not to be taken lightly; bringing a firearm with you out into the world requires discipline and must only be done responsibly. The following article is intended to give beginner tips for people interested in concealed carrying, covering everything from how to choose a concealed carry firearm and a holster to basic procedures for keeping you and others safe. Taking these tips to heart will go a long way toward making you a proficient concealed carrier.

Without further build-up, let’s get into it.

1) When Choosing a Concealed Carry, Focus on Comfort and Capacity

The first choice that every concealed carrier must make is what firearm they are going to carry. The abundant options currently on the market is both a blessing and a curse: the perfect pistol for you is out there, but it won’t be easy to choose.

Of course, concealed carry firearm choice comes down to personal preference; so rather than telling you which firearm you should get, I’ll instead talk about the two biggest factors to consider in your decision: comfort and capacity.

Comfort means choosing a firearm that feels both comfortable to shoot and to concealed carry. Sometimes these two traits can come into conflict with one another. For example, some “pocket rockets” might be comfortable to carry in your holster but might be too small for you to comfortably shoot. In this case, you might need to go with a slightly larger firearm, such as a Glock 19 compact pistol, in order to have a better balance between the two types of comfort.

On the other hand, you might love the way a full-size Glock 17 feels in your hands but feel downright suffocated with it in your waistband holster.

Another part of comfort has to do with concealment. Ideally, you do not want anyone to know that you are carrying a firearm. This keeps you from becoming a target should an attack actually occur. It also prevents people who aren’t familiar with firearms or carry laws from freaking out.

Full-size firearms often print (or outline) through clothing and are therefore not the best choice for concealed carrying, even if they are the size you feel most comfortable shooting.

The next factor to consider is magazine capacity. Compact and sub-compact handguns are smaller, more comfortable, and more discrete, but they often come with smaller capacities as well—think 6 to 8 rounds. Balancing capacity with comfort will help you make a well-rounded choice.


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