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More African-American Babies ‘Die at the Hands of Abortionists’ Than Any Other Cause, Dem Rep Says

By Tyler O’Neil

State Rep. Katrina Jackson (D-La.) laid out a strategy to convince her fellow Democrats to support life, in particular, pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, which Planned Parenthood slams as “fake clinics.” She said she came up with the cause at a conference Wednesday with the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA). She suggested that turning abortion into a social justice issue should move Democrats toward supporting life, and she condemned the abortion of black babies as a “modern-day genocide,” rooted in historic racism and eugenics.”

“It’s time for us to change the conversation and start addressing issues besides abortion,” Jackson told PJ Media in an interview. “How my advocacy and that of others includes post-birth resources for the mother and her child, for indigent families — that truly is what resonates with Democrats throughout our nation.”

Democrats should be moved by “what NIFLA does outside of choosing life, how they work with the mother and the family after she chooses life,” the pro-life Democrat argued. NIFLA provides legal resources for pro-life pregnancy centers. These centers provide over $100 million in free or low-cost services to mothers and babies, including: pregnancy testing; medical services (ultrasounds, medical exams, prenatal care, STD testing and treatment, etc.); prenatal development and parenting education; material assistance; after abortion recovery support; referrals for medical care; and links to community and public health resources, among other things.

Yet one of the largest obstacles to Democrats seeing these pregnancy centers for what they are is — Planned Parenthood itself. The abortion lobbying industry has branded pregnancy centers “fake clinics” because they do not provide or refer women for abortions. In fact, California passed a law turning these pro-life clinics into “abortion referral agencies,” based on the claim that they are “fake clinics.” The Supreme Court struck down the California law because it violated the centers’ free speech, but Connecticut is considering a similar law now.

In order to combat this narrative, Jackson suggested broadening Title X federal funding for family planning services. Under current law, Title X recipients must offer birth control. Jackson called for an amendment to the effect that “you can still offer birth control if you want to, but you can also not offer it.”

“We need to push Title X money that’s not forcing you to offer birth control,” she said. “Our opponents who talk about access to health care, one of the ways to get health care to women is providing Title X funding to pregnancy centers.”

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