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Italian Government Roiled After Country Used by Obama Deep State to Spy on Trump Campaign – 2 Intel Chiefs Fired

by Jim Hoft

 Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud was used to tie George Papadopoulos to Russia by the Mueller team and their mainstream media. After Mifsud was interviewed by the Mueller team he went missing. In April he was finally located in Rome next to the US embassy. It’s time to ask him who he was working for. It wasn’t Russia. It was the US.

As we noted in February, candidate Trump’s unpaid volunteer George Papadopoulos was indicted by the Mueller team for lying. We are finding out about the FBI’s involvement in setting him up.

The mainstream media and the FBI, DOJ and Mueller team all wanted to connect President Trump to Russia so they set up Papadopoulos and then claimed that he met with Russians. The only problem is that the Russian was not a Russian – he’s a Maltese professor, Joseph Mifsud. The entire connections in London were a set up.

The FBI set up Papadopoulos with Mifsud who went missing after being interviewed by the Mueller team. Recently Mifsud was located in Rome … next to the US Embassy.

In late April Papadopoulos told FOX News that President Trump called the Italian Prime Minister this week after he broke the news about Professor Mifsud being located in Rome.

Last week George Papadopoulos tweeted out that the Italian parliament is holding hearings to declassify material related to the spying on himself.

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