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It’s not socialism. It’s free stuff

I, for one, am thankful for the elevation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic Socialist, to the national stage. Progressivism has always been premised on deceit. Progressive Democrats for a century have operated in the shadows, increasingly expanding state services in exchange for votes. We now have a clear delineation between our respective ideologies – constitutional republicanism, premised on free-market capitalism, versus democratic socialism.

Millennials say ‘democratic socialism,’ but what they want is free stuff

Surprise primary victories by “democratic socialists” in New York and Pennsylvania have created a buzz about millennials and socialism. Bernie Sanders was the prophet of this movement, attracting strong support among young people for his ideas about democratic socialism in the 2016 presidential campaign. Still, people were surprised when a YouGov poll showed that young people (under 30) preferred socialism to capitalism 43 to 32 percent. With these recent political wins, some wonder whether the Democratic Party will undergo a socialist realignment, just as Donald Trump led a populist reinvention of the Republican Party.

No wonder Canadian politicians are so popular. They keep giving away ‘free’ stuff

If you want to make it in big-time politics these days, you have to learn how to give stuff away.

Mostly you have to give away money, though usually in the form of benefits, grants, subsidies, tax breaks, or expenditures forced on private firms whether they can afford it or not. The need crosses party lines. The main difference between left-wing giveaways and right-wing giveaways usually lies in the complexity. Left-wingers like to keep it simple; Conservatives tend to get over-immersed in detail in their desire to meet certain doctrinal benchmarks.

Trudeau hiked Canada’s per-person debt at record pace

Justin Trudeau will increase the federal government’s per-person debt more than any prime minister in Canadian history who did not face a world war or recession, says a new report by the Fraser Institute.

The conservative think-tank says from 2015, when he assumed office, up to the end of his current Liberal government in October, Trudeau will have increased federal per-person debt by 5.6%, to $32,589.

Trudeau’s legacy “will now include record high levels of debt accumulation, due to spending increases that continue to outpace revenue,” said Finn Poschmann in the study Examining Federal Debt in Canada by Prime Minister Since Confederation.

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