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Debate Silly Season 2019

Democrats form circular firing squad

Democrats, get ahold of yourselves. It’s still early in this silly political season, but you’ve already gone off the deep end. There are so many presidential candidates, some of whom have no idea why they’re running, but all of whom are so desperate to get any attention whatsoever and so hungry for a headline, they’ll seize any opportunity to invent a phony excuse to stab another Democrat in the back. With the willing help of the breathless, clueless, political media.

7 takeaways from the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate

Ten Democratic presidential candidates kicked off the 2020 debate season on Wednesday. Here were some of the main takeaways:

1) Sen. Elizabeth Warren unequivocally endorses getting rid of private insurance. If Warren ends up as the nominee next summer, this is the one moment from the debate that will still matter. She has gambled on unapologetically embracing “Medicare for all,” which could come back to haunt her in the general election given that it would mean about 180 million people losing private coverage.

The Free-Stuff Primary: What Democrats’ Promises Will Cost

Universal Child Care

Child care is expensive, even more expensive than college tuition in some cases. Families in Massachusetts, the least affordable state for such care, according to one analysis, can expect to pay as much as $34,381 to enroll both an infant and toddler in day care.

Debt-Free College

The average college graduate who walks off stage with a diploma, once advertised as the ticket to the middle class, also leaves campus with student loans, now feared as long-term financial shackles. According to an analysis by industry expert Mark Kantrowitz, the average 2016 graduate owed a whopping $37,172. The Federal Reserve estimated a monthly payment of $393 to service that debt.

Bernie And AOC Want To Turn the Post Office Into A Bank

On Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) teamed up together for a rally promoting the Green New Deal.

The rally resembled a meeting of the Soviet Politburo; the policy proposals being thrown around at the event would have made Bernie’s comrades in the old USSR proud.

Besides all the fantastical Green New Deal ideas, AOC and Bernie had another idea: Turn the post office into banks and protect consumers from predatory lenders.

The latter idea sounds nice, no one likes to be taken advantage of; however, the idea isn’t as good or practical as it sounds.

They also want to nationalize the banking industry, which is of course, not a good idea.

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