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CNN’s Zakaria Interviews Godfather of White Nationalism, Regrets it Immediately

by (The Red Elephants)

This is the full recording of the interview Jared Taylor gave to Fareed Zakaria that CNN snipped up to include in its sensationalist program, The Explosion of White Supremacy.

Here are the complete answers CNN cut off, the context it ignored, and the arguments it left out. As noted in Taylor’s detailed account of what led to the interview (see link below), CNN actually claimed the program was to be serious treatment of white nationalism.

Jared Taylor also shut down CNN’s Sara Sidner in 2017 in the most epic fashion.

CNN’s Sidner spoke to Taylor about his views, and as far as he’s concerned, many Americans are alarmed by “an immigration policy that is making the United States majority non-white.”

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg:

“Why would we want more Muslims? Muslims have been a terrible problem for Europe, and here they want to pray five times a day, stop the assembly line, they want foot baths before they go to prayer, they want women-only swimming pool hours, and some of them want to kill us! Why should anyone want more Muslims?”

On May 5, Sara Sidner of CNN interviewed Jared Taylor of American Renaissance about why whites voted for Trump, racial differences in IQ, hate crime hoaxes, racial nationalism, and what whites could face as a minority. A few clips from the interview were aired on May 15 as part of a CNN feature about a racial incident that occurred at American University earlier that month. This is the complete formal CNN-Jared Taylor interview.

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