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Socialist Ways of Democrats – Suing Gun Makers

The Democratic Party is in a socialist spiral

The “progressive” Left has put together an “Saturday Night Live” sketch of presidential campaign promises, and they are just getting started. The policy platform has become a twisted parody of itself: abolish private healthcare, enact 90 percent marginal income tax rates, and entertain the idea of federalizing huge swaths of our election system. Welcome to the new Democratic Party.

Each contender is so desperate to out-left the others, the party has completely abandoned middle America and taken a swan dive into an unabashed socialist agenda.

Democrats have a long tradition of wanting to reduce the rights of the individual and increase federal control over nearly every aspect of our lives. However, even the most die-hard progressive would admit the direction of the party has taken a sharp left turn.

Trump jabs at Democrats, says they might change party name to ‘Socialist Party’

He leveled the attack while answering questions alongside Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro ahead of a bilateral meeting at the Group of 20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

Trump said that he was not “impressed” by the Democratic primary debates this week, and accused Democrats of moving toward socialism.

“That’s become like the Socialist Party,” he said, quipping: “There’s a rumor the Democrats are going to change the name of the party from the ‘Democrat Party’ to the ‘Socialist Party.'”

The president did not elaborate on or substantiate his remark.

Family of deadly Vegas shooting victim suing gun makers

The parents of a young woman killed in the 2017 Las Vegas massacre said Wednesday his family is blaming gun manufacturers for their daughter’s death.

“Someone murdered our daughter,” said James Parsons, whose 31-year-old daughter Carrie Parsons was one of 58 people killed when a gunman rained down gunfire from a high-rise hotel. “Someone should be held accountable for that.”

A wrongful death lawsuit filed Tuesday targets Colt and seven other gun manufacturers, along with gun shops in Nevada and Utah, arguing their weapons are designed to be easily modified to fire like automatic weapons.

Rapper Pulls Out of Detroit Festival Because Tickets Were Initially More Expensive for White People

Last week, a Detroit music festival called AfroFuture came under fire for its ticketing model. Rapper Tiny Jag became the first to pull out of the event due to its controversial pricing, which charges white people twice as much as people of color.

“I was going to make a video but I am too triggered to address this issue in that way,” she wrote in a statement on her Twitter account on July 2. “I was unknowingly added to the AfroFuture event (miscommunication?) but ultimately agreed to support and play the event in effort to support an individual within its curation.

Carter has Russian fever delusions–claims Trump did not win election

At the Democratic Party presidential debates, several of the candidates mentioned Russia as our country’s greatest threat, citing their attempts to influence the result of the 2016 presidential election. This obsession with Russia has infected the entire Democratic Party, including their elder statesman, former President Jimmy Carter.

Ironically, when Carter served as the nation’s 39 President, Jimmy Carter was a disaster on both domestic issues and foreign policy. He left the economy in shambles and our military in disarray.

He also was a weakling in his dealings with the Soviet Union. As the communist nation expanded their sphere of influence around the world and invaded Afghanistan, Carter’s toughest response was a boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Surely, Communist General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev laughed hysterically when Carter penalized our Olympic team more than the Soviet Union.

Jimmy Carter And The Media’s Desperation For A Narrative

Predictably, every media outlet ran to the tallest mountain they could find to echo the former President’s words. Of course, this “proves” that the 2+ years spent peddling the collusion delusion was justified. If Jimmy Carter said so himself, it’s obviously true that Russia put Trump in the White House.